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Thursday, July 3, 2008



Belgium is a little country but full of musical talents. I have chosen here to present three of them, those I actually know the best. All being young artists, and not having enough material yet for a full best-of of their own. Other volumes could follow in the future !
Let’s start with the only woman: An Pierlé recorded a first album in 1999 (Mud Stories), as a single piano-voice performance. Two albums follow then, Helium Sunset (2002) and White Velvet (2006), both being enriched with a real band (guitar, drums, cello and some extra…). She's playing a smart pop, successfully shifting from sad and lonely moods to much more rejoicing and dynamic atmospheres.
Girls in Hawaii, then, have released two albums so far, From here to there (2004), and Plan your Escape (2008). Those six boys (here is the con! there's neiter a single woman in this band, nor a Hawaiian of course...) have quickly become a major pop band, building strong melodies, most of the time brightened up with pretty good multi-voices singing. For the amateurs, just note that they're quite often compared to Grandaddy.
Ghinzu finally, started in 2000 with a first album (Electronic Jacuzzi), followed in 2004 by the excellent Blow. They are currently recording a third album. Those are probably the most powerful of the trio presented here, varying and experimenting from vigorous pop-rock to much more electronic sounds, not forgetting of course a couple of really enjoyable ballads. Once more, the melody is never forgotten, this being a common denominator to all those artists. They're all worth listening, try 'em !
(Thanks to our special contributor Max for a wonderfully crafted selection and artwork!)

An Pierlé "It's Got to Be Me"

Girls In Hawaii "Found in the Ground"

Ghinzu "Blow"

(Those samples have lower bitrate than the downloadable MP3's)


Ayah Gagöhn said...

excellente approche du plat pays

et un grand merci pour ces trois artistes

Belasco said...

This is great music! Thank you!