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Saturday, July 19, 2008



Bell Oeil come from my home town Angers, France. But they have never gone further than a local starship although his concerts have always been great moments. For having seen them twice, I can only say that (at least) France has lost one of the biggest french chanson talents. Indeed, that band fronted by Christophe Bell Oeil has never had the chance to national exposition, except twice in 2002 ion french radio France Inter to promote their second album "Cabossé". Then perhaps because of too close sounding-like Mano Solo compositions, they were taken aside from any label catalogue. Maybe also because of a nowadays mood which prefer light and fun songs, those sad ones were not desired... Sad affair for a band I really enjoy to listen to, and which I really wanted to share with you.
Now Christophe Bell Oeil broke up the band to perform alone and to concentrate to his other passion, painting (he made the artworks for the two first CDs ... and for this one).

Extracts :
Le Sentiment

Champagne (Jacques Higelin Cover)

My Bell Oeil TOP :
1. Le Cri (1999)
2. Cabossé (2002)
3. Un Corps [Gauthier Résuscité](2005)
4. Hurle Tout Ferré (2003)

... but all are great


Ayah Gagöhn said...

Funny thing : today (July, 20th) is Marina's day.

Marina is the first song of that baistophe

L said...

I found a YouTube video of Christophe with a violinist, and I like that, so I'm looking forward to discovering these tunes. Many thanks.

Anonymous said...

download is encrypted.. any password?..