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Friday, July 18, 2008

CAN (ABO#093)


Krautrock takes its definition from that german dish made of fermented cabbage and all sorts of cook pork's meat. This word has allways described geman native bands being more experimental (Amon Düül), electronic (Kraftwerk) or Hard (Birth Control). However, Krautrock should more describe that kind of music that most of the german bands created in the early 70s and that brought a musical identity to their country. with bands like Amon Düül, Kraan, Embryo, Guru Guru, you have the choice to enjoy that spacy-experimental music. One of the most popular bands of that kind was Can. In fact, they were the first to export their music outside their home country. This mix of contemporary music (Stockhausen, Sun Ra), hypnotic percussions, and psychedelic music had its highest point in 1971 with their masterpiece Tago Mago. After that, Can changed their musical direction to drop the psychedelic side of the thing. The era was not into that anymore. The band then became a progressive band (with that Kraut touch still present) and made some other great albums until 1979 with their 'swansong' eponymous album. After what each member went their separate ways mostly working for film music, and finally reuniting in 1989 for a very last effort that didn't really shake rock history's foundations.

Extracts :


1. Tago Mago (1971)
2. Can (1979)
3. Landed (1975)

My Can BOTTOM3 :
1. Unlimited Edition (1976)
2. Future Days (1973)
3. Soon Over Babaluma (1974)

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Anonymous said...

Glad to find that this one still works - thanks for your efforts and the great artwork!
As far as I know (concerning CAN) there is nothing comparable available.