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Monday, June 23, 2008



In the madness of Rock History, Ted Nugent features in the front ground. His spectacular shows are deeply written into the encyclopaedia of Hard-Rock. For his Craveman Tour he used to enter the stage riding a bison (!). However, any of his concerts are really described as the highest point of craziness. Even in his life, the man is known for his non-conventionnal behaviour : just visit his official website and you'll notice that it never deals with music. It's only a merchandize site to promote his home-made hunting weapons (!, one more time). Beside, the mad guy is one of the strongest Republican in the USA, which doesn't really feeds our sympathy for him.
Anyway, Ted Nugent brings good Hard Rock to our ears and that's nothing much we ask him... don't we ?

CD 1 :

1. Stranglehold
2. Stormtroopin'
3. Motor City Madhouse
4. You Make Me Feel Right At Home
5. Free-For-All

6. Dog Eat Dog
7. Writing On The Wall
8. Turn It Up
9. Cat Scratch Fever
10. Death By Misadventure
11. Live It Up
12. I Got The Feeling
13. Venom Soup
14. Cruisin'
15. Paralyzed
16. It Don't Matter
17. I Want To Tell You (Beatles cover)
CD2 :

1. Wango Tango
2. I Gotta Move
3. Violent Love
4. Put Up Or Shut-Up
5. My Love Is Like A Tire Iron
6. The Flying Lip Lock
7. Tied Up In Love
8. Thunder Thighs
9. Funlover
10. Stinktight
11. Thighraceous
12. I Shoot Back
13. Klstrphnky
14. Crave

15. Wang Dang Doodle
16. Funk U
17. Eaglebrother
18. Lay With Me

Note : The back cover is the wrong one
here will you find the right one
Many apologies for that mistake.

My Ted Nugent TOP3 :
1. Ted Nugent (1975)
2. Free-For-All (1976)
3. Intensities In 10 Cities (1981)

My Ted Nugent BOTTOM3 :
1. If You Can't Lick 'em Lick 'em (1988)
2. Little Miss Dangerous (1986)
3. Love Grenade (2007)


Anonymous said...


Ayah Gagöhn said...
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Ayah Gagöhn said...

OK, For many people (like me) NRA doesn't mean anything, so see There for more details.

Treehugger said...

I meant that Mr. Ted Nugent may be a fine guitarist, he still is an rep asshole supporting the firearms lobbies.
Just check out his website for more details...

And here's a song he wrote (I am the NRA):
"When I think of freedom, I got my Bill Of Rights. US Constitution is my guiding light. Our founding fathers, they were not confused. I always celebrate self-evident truths. I AM THE NRA. I AM THE NRA. I am 'we the people.' I don't need no OK. My pursuit of happiness will take me all the way. If you hate slavery as much as we all do, come on join the fight, I'll tell you what we do. I AM THE NRA. I AM THE NRA. If you hate tyrants and dictators, and are ready to give freedom a whirl. Celebrate the NRA and the shot heard round the world. The shot heard round the world."

la cofradia del rockclasico said...

Espectacular show del gran Ted, gracias por el post