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Tuesday, June 17, 2008



So here is the second part of the Marillion collection. Back in 1989, Fish has left the band, Steve Hogarth has been hired as the new singer. 20 years of music follow then, 10 albums, to be compiled in two. What a wrench!
I tried to compile a good preview of all those years, something half way between a best-of and a beginner’s guide, something that shows most of Marillion’s faces along these years.
The first volume presents the EMI period, when the band was still related to the major. Four albums, both similar and different. The first two albums are issued rather quickly. Then the band takes a long time to produce Brave, a dark concept album based on a true suicide story. The album is in general either loved or hated. I love it. But it’s far from a commercial hit anyway, and the band needs to release quickly the next opus, Afraid of Sunlight; a brilliant album, a quality unexpected for such a short delay. The commercial success is still far though, and the band leaves EMI.
There starts another story. Three albums are issued on a small label that clearly disappoints the band, and the next three ones are going to be directly produced by the band thanks to a massive pre-ordering system. All this period long, Marillion tries, experiments, sometimes comes back to old recipes. Sometimes successfully, sometimes not. But the funny thing is that no one agrees on the best or the worst. Many different albums, different songs, different sounds, different atmospheres. Suprises, questions and contradictions; this is what Marillion is made of. Hope you’ll like it! (Thanks to Max for the selection, the artwork and presentation text)

#1: 1989-1995
1. Easter
2. Berlin
3. The Space...
4. Waiting To Happen
5. The Rake's Progress
6. 100 Nights

7. Runaway
8. The Great Escape
9. Made Again
10. Out Of This World

11. Afraid Of Sunlight
12. King

#2: 1997-2007
1. Man Of A 1000 Faces
2. Three Minute Boy
3. Rich

4. When I Meet God
5. Quartz
6. Interior Lulu
7. Fantastic Place

8. Marbles III
9. The Invisible Man

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