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Friday, June 13, 2008



Anouar Brahem was born on October 20, 1957 in the town of Halfouine in the Medina of Tunisia. He is an oud player and composer who is widely acclaimed as an innovator in his field. Performing primarily for a jazz audience, he fuses Arabic classical music, folk music and jazz and has been recording since at least 1991 after becoming prominent in his own country in the late 1980s.
He is now considered a master of this complex stringed instrument that has been a staple of Arabic music for centuries. In several albums recorded for the esteemed ECM label of Germany, Brahem has collaborated with musicians from around the world and combined his oud with an array of complementary sounds that give the traditional rhythms of North African music a modern twist. Though he is often hailed as the oud's greatest living player, Brahem avoids dazzling displays of virtuosity in his live playing. "Intensity and sincerity are the most important aspects of my performance," he once said in a Guitar Player interview with Hank Bordowitz. "I seek to be good inside the music. Audiences do not react well to an exhibition of technique."

CD 1
1. Raf Raf
2. Ronda

3. Parfum De Gitane
4. L'oiseau De Bois
5. Conte De L'incroyable Amour
6. Sull Lull (with Jan Garbarek)
7. Qaws (with Jan Garbarek)
8. Claquent Les Voiles

9. Ain Ghazel
10. Seule
11. Kashf

CD 2
1. Badhra
2. Mazad
3. Astrakan Café (1)
4. Nihawend Lunga

5. Halfaouine
6. Artefact, part 1 (with L'Orchestre National du Jazz)
7. Le Pas Du Chat Noir
8. Pique-Nique A Nagpur
9. Leila Au Pays Du Carrousel, Variation
10. Sur Le Fleuve
11. L'Aube
12. Nuba

13. La Chambre
14. Zarabanda


mancha said...

Hi! I'm a big fan of this blog and of moodswing. Everyday I visit both of them and delight myself on the fine records and interesting reviews that you write. Thanks for all the work.
Today, I was about to listen to the promising goodness of this selection and found out that the sixth track from the first part has an error.
The rest is amazingly good and, with as many other artists that I have heard for the first time thanks to you, I'll search for more records and buy them.
Many, many thanks you.

S.F.P. said...

Do you mean Sull Lull?
I've tried downloading the whole package myself and got no error whatsoever...
Make sure you use WINRAR to decompress the files...
Tell me if it worked and, if it didn't, I'll upload that track. ;)

And thanks for the kind words, that went straight to my music lover's heart! :)

mancha said...

Yes, Sull Lull is the one that gives a bad CRC when unrared. I'm using Linux, so I don't have WinRAR and that could be the source of the problem (as I'm the only person complaining), although it'll be the only occasion that have happened to me, so if you don't mind uploading only that song, I'll be very grateful to you.
And again, thanks, I really appreciate the work you do.

S.F.P. said...

There you go:

(no password)

mancha said...

Just got it, thanks again.

S.F.P. said...

You're welcom Mancha!

If you have suggestions or you think you can help, let us know!

Anonymous said...

merci pour ce site qui est un bijou

S.F.P. said...

Tout le plaisir est pour nous ! :))

Anonymous said...

Thanks for a great Blog site!!!! And also for introducing me to this wonderful music...much appreciated!

S.F.P. said...

You're welcome!
Tell us if you have any request.