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Wednesday, June 4, 2008



Not only Les Garçons Bouchers were a terrific band, they also were friends of mine. I've seen them countless times from 1989 to their split in 1995 (about 40 times, maybe more...) always enjoying the powerful and fun experience a concert of theirs was.
Formed in 1985 by François Hadji-Lazaro (also in Pigalle, Los Carayos and now a solo artist) and signed on his very own independant record company (Boucherie Productions), they were the emblematic band of the label as well as one of the most reknown of the mid to late 80's alternative french rock scene explosion. Mixing punk with chanson, the band refined its sound as time passed and the line-up changed.
This compilation spans their entire career and displays how big a change Blitz Eric, their first singer, leaving to be replaced by Piéro Sapu (from Docteur Destroy and BB Doc's fame) caused to their music. While Eric had a typical punk voice, Piéro's more melodic style made the band aim towards different musical territories so that I can say there's been two Garçons Bouchers... And it's here for you to enjoy! I even included 4 songs that were never on any of their 5 albums! So... What are you waiting for? Get it damnit!!!

1.La bière 3:27
2.Noir et blanc 2:09
3.Viens 1:59
4.Punkifiée 2:47

5.S.K.A.G.B. 2:30
6.Marche de Ménilmontant 2:30
7.Je ne regrette rien 2:06
8.Carnivore 2:54
9. Le rap des Garçons Bouchers 3:58
10.Toutes des putes sauf... 2:35
11.Chambre Froide 2:13

12.La bastringue 1:36
13.Sale gueule 2:54
14.La lambada on aime pas ça 3:34
15.L'histoire mélodramatique de Momo, Farid et du Grand 3:46
16.La fête, la joie 3:09

17.La bière (version 90) 2:22
18.Du Beaujolais pour oublier la nuit où est partie Marie 2:49
19.Où sont-ils donc ? 3:09
20.Où sont tous mes amants ? 3:01
21.Bourré bourré ratatam 2:35
22.Province - Paris 2:53

23.Quelquefois 2:59
24.Tout se dégrade 2:05
25.Arthur 3:27
26.Doucement 3:26

27.Un verre 3;18
28.Le trèfle et la harpe 3:27

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