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Thursday, June 12, 2008



Not to look after the Yardbirds case would have been a huge error. First because they have been one of the major bands of the 60s, and second because three of the best english guitarist have been a central member: Erci Clapton, Jeff Beck and Jimmy Page. You know my love of Beck's music (ABO#001) and you'll understand my favourite Yardbirds era be his's.
But, for many people who are not aware of the Yardbirds history, the band never really broke up. In fact different band with other names have followed the adventure. When the Yardbirds splitted in July 1968, Jimmy Page wanted to go on and united a new line up as 'the new Yardbirds' which switched to 'Led Zeppelin' according to a Keith Moon (The Who) idea.
During the 80s, after Bonham's death, other Yardbirds members founded the Box Of Frogs. nothing in common with the great Zep. Last, after a reunion Tour in 1990, the Yardbirds still tours and have even recorded a new album: Birdland, nothing but an auto-tribute.
This compilation spans the first era of the Yardbirds, dropping both Reunion tour album and Birdland, because both don't really brings nothing new.

1. For Your Love
2. I'm Not Talking
3. Got To Hurry
4. Evil Hearted You
5. I'm A Man
6. Still I'm Sad
7. Heart Full Of Soul
8. The Train Kept A-Rollin'
9. Shapes Of Things
10. Someone To Love, part 2

11. What Do You Want
12. Here 'tis (instrumental)
13. Over, Under, Sideways, Down
14. Farewell
15. Hot House At Omagarashid
16. Jeff's Boogie
17. He's Always There
18. Happening Ten Years Time Ago
19. Little Games
20. White Summer
21. No Excess Baggage
22. Ha! Ha! Said The Clown
23. Goodnight Sweet Josephine
24. Think About It

25. Spanish Blood
26. Dazed And Confused
27. Knowing That I'm Losing You (later Tangerine)

My Yardbirds TOP3 :
1. Having A Rave Up (1966)
2. Over, Under, Sideways, Down [aka Roger The Engineer](1966)
3. Little Games (1968)
My Yardbirds BOTTOM3 :
1. With Sonny Boy Williamson (1965)
2. Reunion Tour (1990)
3. Birdland (2002)


swine said...

Great to get a complete picture of the Yardbirds. Thanks a million.

Ayah Gagöhn said...

Happy that it fits to your tastes.