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Wednesday, June 18, 2008



Not long ago, SFP posted a Baistophe concerning les V.R.P. Those who really know them also know that V.R.P. members had another project named Les Nonnes Toppo. That was nothing different from les V.R.P. except that the lyrics were absulutely crazier. Another thing is their costumes and make-ups. Their were dressed like drunk nuns. So nothing uneasy to understand the main aim of their oeuvre... nothing but laugh. You'll also notice that even with a simple guitare a contre-bassine (a bass made with a plastic bowl, a broom handle and a string) and all sorts of unseen percussions, their music is not allways low priced. Just listen to Chanson Roumaine or De Retour de La Noce.
The front cover is from a french comics called Soeur Marie Thérèse (by drawer Maëster). How could we have hesitated to take such a picture to illustrate our Nonnes Troppo Baistophe?

1. Frites Moules
2. Le Roi De La Route (could we say a cover when it's a song by the V.R.P.?)
3. Le P'tit Chien

4. Le Crapaud
5. Reggae
6. Cabana
7. Mangoulé
8. Notre Soeur
9. Corinne
10. Le Chat Qui Louche
11. Le Petit Roi
12. Les Feux De La Seine*
13. Les Syndicats D'Initiative
14. Le Pont Du Nord
15. La Grange (this is not a ZZ Top cover)
16. L'Heure Du Thé

17. L'Hirondelle
18. De Retour De La Noce (with Les Pires)
19. Chanson Roumaine
20. Le Vélo
21. Le Quadrille Du Troisième Âge
22. Tu M'As Réellement
(exact translation of the Kinks song You Really Got Me)

* This song is one of the only serious song of les Nonnes Troppo.


Anonymous said...

have i ever mentioned how much i love you? i do.

Ayah Gagöhn said...

It doesn't seems, now you did it. And we're very grateful for your nice words ! ;)

Lari said...

Nonnes Troppo:1986-1989
Les VRP:1989-1993
Nonnes Troppo:1996
Nonnes Troppo = Les VRP
La chanson 2 (le roi de la route) est une chanson des Nonnes Troppo (1988), reprise par Les VRP (1989)

S.F.P. said...

Oui oui, on sait que c'est le même groupe mais bon, ils ont eux-même choisi d'avoir deux noms d'où la paire de baistophes... ;)

L said...

Wow, these guys are really crazy - I love their videos. I only wish I could understand the lyrics, but I still like their songs. Thanks so much for this discovery.