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Sunday, May 1, 2011



Second of the Full Soundtrack Series, this one deals with Almost Famous O.S.T. Like Dazed & Confused (FSS#001) the story takes place in the seventies and the sountrack is majoritary contemporary to the story at the exception of Pete Droge (?) and Stillwater. This latter band (that is not to be mistaken with the 70's southern rock band) is the one founded for the film and have recorded a 5 tracks EP to be included in the film. Those 5 tracks are available here alongside songs that illustrated the story (Deep Purple, Elton John, ...) or that are part of the story (The Who, Allman Brothers Band, Black Sabbath, ...). Only one track is not exactly part of the film : Chicago's Colour My World (part of Ballet For A Girl In Buchannon) is just sung by some characters in the film.
The soundtrack is quite amazing and deserved to be compiled here in its entirety. This compilation is in fact the second one I did after Magma's one (ABO#002). I just had to make the artwork.
Fortunately, only one song (Paranoid from Black Sabbath) is common with the previous FSS.

Extracts :

Sparks [The Who]
(from Tommy, 1969)
Taken apart from the Tommy album, Sparks reveals its high psychedelism and, in the film, this goes pretty higher.


Dear Jill [Blodwyn Pig]
(from Ahead Rings Out, 1969)
It's quite a justice to find this really good band founded by ex Jethro Tull Mick Abrahams. Their to small discography couldn't have justified a Blodwyn Pig BAISTOPHE so, happy to this band on the blog anyway

Wishing Well [Free]
(from Heartbreaker, 1973)
Another band we would have liked to Baistophe but to my point of view I think it will be hard to do especially without considering Paul Kossoff and his Back Street Crawlers too. This song proves that we have not unfairly forgotten this band. (by the way, if one of you feels strong enough to work on this/those talented band/s, he will be welcome)


Anonymous said...

A splendid compilation. Shame nobody commented on it yet...
Keep up the good work!

[GEMY] said...

I Think a lot of people have begun to DL every of our Basitophes from the begininng since we announced that we were leaving the leading of the blog. This explains that.

To bring you much more recent news, we have had 2 propostions for a participating, but not as a full-time job. So we continue our quest of new members. At least 4 members (+ we 2, I and Jeb-E-Diah) would be appreciated as it would slow down our post to nothing more than 1 post a month.

To my point of view, I think I will continue to post Baistophes but in a much lower frequency and I will focalise on some of the bands I want the most to be Baistophe, like Traffic, Family, Blood Sweat & Tears. And I have to rework some of my Baistophes, like Primus, Primal Scream, Jeff Beck and others because they need to.

... And I have to complete my UFO Baistophe ! damned I had forgotten !

Anonymous said...

I thought it was just the one guy leaving!
Please, tell me you're not going to close the blog!
Also, there's quite a lot of dead links, re-ups would be appreciated.

Anyway, whatever your decision is, thanks for the hard work you put in this unic blog.

[GEMY] said...

The Blog won't close. The worse that can happen is that it will just stay until the links will be found dead.

Fortunately, some other guys are wanting to continue. For the moment we have 1 quite sure and another one who is simply interrested. This is not that bad

Anonymous said...

By the way, what happened to the original team? I think they should have stayed around to make sure the spirit of baistof is maintained... Maybe they did...

PeterP said...

Howdy. Listened to the discs today, great work. One item. The Stooges cut is listed as I Wanna Be Your Dog, but the song is actually Search and Destroy from Raw Power. Do not know which should be. This is a Great Blog, by the way, hope it continues.

[GEMY] said...


Can't remember which one is right. Can't tell you right now

Anonymous said...

Sweet. Very, very nicely done. Running any blog has to be tough enough, but you have compunded your agony by assembling worthy compilations with splendid art work.
Thank you for all that you have done.
Atlanta, Ga