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Wednesday, May 25, 2011



Here's another band whose reputation couldn't get further from its name. Of course, Atomic Rooster is well known by many music addicts mostly because first drummer Carl Palmer had joined ELP quickly after, mostly because Vincent Crane was a member of the famous Crazy World of Arthur Brown. Sadly their music had not the same popularity. One thing that's wrong with the band is that mostly every media consider them as a prog band, because of ELP, because of Arthur Brown (who's not more prog either), and maybe because of the hammond organ. To me Atomic Rooster is definitely a hard rock band, whose music can be easily compared with another hammonded hard rock band : Deep Purple. Discography is short. Only 5 albums were recorde between 1970 and 1973 and a new Atomic Rooster with only Vincent Crane as original member reunited for 2 more LPs in the early 80s. Only the last album, Headline News, is not included here because of the very low quality of the sound and often the music but a late 80s re-recording of 1970 song Tomorrow Night is available here. Vincent Crane sadly died in 1989 bringing his band with him for good.

Extracts :

Death Walks Behind You
(from Death Walks Behind You, 1970)

A Spoonful Of Bromide [Helps The Pulse Rate Go Down]
(from In Hearing Of Atomic Rooster, 1971)

My Atomic Rooster TOP :
1. Death Walks Behind You (1970)
2. Atomic Roooster (1970)
3. In Hearing Of Atomic Rooster (1971)
4. Made In England (1972)
5. Atomic Rooster (1980)
6. Nice 'n Greasy (1973)
7. Headline News (1983)


Anonymous said...

You guys are so good! An excellent blog & eclectic tastes. Keep on keepin' on....

DJ Twisted Sister said...

Is that album cover a cheeky play on the "Planet Of The Apes" film ending?

Anonymous said...

don't know

PeterP said...

Thank you for the Atomic Rooster