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Tuesday, April 26, 2011



Billy Idol's solo work needs baistophing since so many of his albums are uneven. There’s some great hard rock in here and some inventive new wave. Although he had some success after Generation X without guitarist Steve Stevens ("Cradle of Love"), his weakest period was after Stevens left in 1987. Cyberpunk was an attempt to reinvent himself in the grunge era, and it's awful. After that, label conflicts prevented him from releasing new music, although he briefly posted two advanced tracks for free on until the label forced him to take them down. This music was never officially released, but one track is included here ("Find My Way") and you may hear others live and on bootlegs. Billy regrouped with Stevens and finally released new material in 2005. He continues to release new tracks on best hit compilations (an annoying trend) and there have been rumors of a new album since 2008. Until then, enjoy this Billy Baistophe.

Thanks to EYE OF NEWT for this great awaited Baistophe

Extracts :

Rebel Yell
(from Rebel Yell, 1983)
This song is supposed to be Idol's fans fave. It deserves a great mixture of both Hard Rock and New Wave sounds.

World Comin' Down
(from Devil's Playground, 2005)
Devil's Playground is the result of a great return of Billy Idol with long time side man Steve Stevens. This album is as ballsy as it can and prove that Idol is a real rock'n'roll singer.

Eye of Newt’s Billy Idol Top 3:
1. Rebel Yell (1983)
2. Devil's Playground (2005)
3. Whiplash Smile (1986)

Eye of Newt’s Billy Idol Bottom 3:
1. Cyberpunk (1993)
2. Happy Holidays (2006)
3. Charmed Life (1990)


pfelelep said...

j'ai découvert Billy Idol à 16 ans avec Cyberpunk :shame:

EN même temps, c'était l'époque où on n'avait QUE la radio ou les copains pour découvrir un nouvel artiste (et quand je dis nouveau, je me comprends...)

Vite, une cure de Baistophe pour me rattraper ;)

[GEMY] said...

J'avais le même âge en 1993 et, moi aussi j'ai (re) découvert Billy Idol avec son tube kitsch (pas autant que le clip qui surfe sur la mode T2) Shock To The System. Ce titre souffre de l'ère du temps mais est un titre que j'apprécie quand même.
J'ai ensuite découvert qu'il était l'auteur de l'autre tube "Eyes Without A Face" qui n'est pas sur cette compilation non plus, à ma grande deception, d'autant qu'en live il déchire.

Quand Eye Of Newt nous a proposé ce Baistophe, j'ai sauté à pieds joints parce que je savais qu'il y avait quelque chose à en tirer. Mon cousin m'avait fait écouter Devil's Playground à sa sortie et j'ai été fortement impressionné.
Pour finir, j'ai découvert, en lisant le post de Eye Of Newt que Steve Stevens sortait de là. J'adore ce qu'il a fait avec Terry Bozzio et Tony Levin (en même temps, difficile de trouver du mauvais chez Tony Levin)

Eye of Newt said...

Thanks for putting together the art. You rock!

@pfelelep, [GEMY]: If I were to do this again I might include "Eyes without a Face" but there are already four tracks from "Rebel Yell". If you like Billy Idol, you really should have this album.

[GEMY] said...

No offense, EON ! EwaF is already planned for a coming VAC.

Eye of Newt said...

@[GEMY]: No offense taken. It was hard to leave that one off!

[GEMY] said...

As usual on any Baistophe.

I understand this is a too famous song, It can dissuade many people from discovering Idol's music

DJ Twisted Sister said...

I just love Billy Idol's stuff - none of it sounds dated and he managed to carve out such a unique place for himself in the music scene. If I had to put together a top three - definitely:

1. White Wedding
2. Sweet Sixteen
3. To Be A Lover