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Sunday, March 6, 2011



I don't know if it's ever happened to you, it sure did happen to me. You're chilling out, watching a good movie with a mighty fine soundtrack. The next day, you go to the store only to find out how incomplete the track list of said soundtrack is. Actually, Dazed and Confused pushes the borders of incompletion and exploitation even further than most soundtracks do. Get that: upon releasing the film in the theaters, a 14 songs compilation was made available for people to buy it. Only problem is the movie featured 29 songs! One year later (1994 that is) the production released another twelve tracks so that they could pick pockets even more efficiently. The thing is there are two songs that are still missing. And you bought two CDs! Pissed. Here's how this FSS (Full Soundtrack Series) came to life.
And so, we’re now happy to unleash the real full Dazed and Confused soundtrack in its 29 songs grandeur. I even added the Led Zeppelin song which gave its name to the movie. Actually, it was supposed to be part of the soundtrack but, while Jimmy Page agreed to its presence, Robert Plant refused. It only feels right that's it's added here as a bonus track. To keep things simple, I’ve included only unedited studio versions I’ve placed in the order they can be heard in the film.
For those yet unfamiliar with the movie, Dazed and Confused tells the story of a life-changing night for high-school students at the end of 1976’s school's year. As the plot is set in the seventies, you know you’re going to get you eyeful of alcohol abuse, weed smoking and…Well, sex, of course! The soundtrack consists of tunes from that particular era with songs featured having been released between 1968 and 1976 and makes for a great collection of 70’s classics and more obscure but equally juicy tracks.
Speaking of the cast, let me tell you that the movie features future major films stars such as Milla Jovovich, Parker Posey, Matthew McConnaughey, Adam Goldberg or Ben Affleck, all in their teens, delivering like experienced pros.
Anyway, I hope you'll enjoy the selection. Feel free to share your ideas and suggestions for future references in Baistophe's brand new series.


jaydub said...

Well done indeed! Many thanks!

Next up: 'The Social Network'


Canadian Music said...

Here's DVD Cover of the Video Compilation of the Soundtracks for which I got the idea to do up a few years back from my own video collection.

I could put it up somewhere and give you the links to the ZIP files maybe? If interested? I enjoy much from your site thanks.

Anonymous said...

Very good idea !!
Never heard of that movie. I read that it was renamed "rebel generation" in french ! how silly...

How about "catch-22", the 1980 movie that included many Supertramp songs ?
And did you notice that Highlander included more tracks than the actual Quenn CD, with for instance "New York New York" sang by Freddie Mercury (during the car chase) ?

Anonymous said...

Thanks for this baistophe a great soundtrack from a film I dont know.
This is such a good idea giving us complete soundtracks as many available ones are often short on the content used in the film, and it seems to becoming a habit of record companies so thanks for this and i look foreward to the next one regards The Old Fool

Rochacrimson said...


thesoundandthefury said...

Brilliant concept and well done on issue #1. I've just finished listening to this entire album from start to finish and it is brilliant!

My suggestions for future editions:

Forrest Gump
The Wedding Singer
The Blues Brothers

Anonymous said...

For a future FSS I'd like to suggest

Buddha's Buddy said...

Sweet! I remember seeing this movie when it first came out. It wasn't too bad, but the music was definitely the best thing about it. And Milla (pre-fame).

My favorite film soundtrack: Probably the three CD's that were released in support of the movie 'Hackers'. It also had Angelina Jolie (pre-fame).

In addition, 'Trainspotting' had some top-notch music.

Anonymous said...

Once again, brilliant post from a brilliant blog !!
After listening to these downloaded songs, I BOUGHT several CDs, included a compilation from Ted Nugent, as well as Seals & Crofts. I want to highlight again the fact that musical blogs do not always spoil the music industry...

Now for next FSS: how about "Bringing Out the Dead", that Scorcese movie with Nicolas Cage, and plenty of good music...


Anonymous said...

Super idée, on est vraiment plongé dans l'atmosphère du moment. Merci.