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Friday, May 6, 2011


Jebediah speaking,

I love the concept Baistophe came up with and gave my best to satisfy those who visit and comment on our work. Alas, it seems I cannot find the time to do quality compilations anymore...
I really wish some new people could continue the work we've started... so long ago and I wish I could do it, I just can't... It must be time to call it quits.

So, this is goodbye and I know GEMY has a few projects up his sleeve before retiring from Baistophe too. Which means that Baitophe is destined to disappear if nobody takes over.

Feel free to mail us if you wish to join the team.


Dave said...

Oh, this is REALLY BAD NEWS! I just found your blog a week or so ago and really dig what you all are doing here! In fact, I have a couple of ideas for comps that I would be happy to contribute but I must say that time is a challenge for me as well and I do not have the graphics skills to produce the fab CD art that you guys do. I sure hope somebody steps up! Please leave the blog intact, at any rate, so us newbies can grap what's here!

Kermit said...

A great blog, sorry to hear it will be closing out... got some really great specialty albums here, but I know it all takes time to do... Your work, opened or closed site, is appreciated! Kermit

zoon777 said...

Fuck!, i found this blog today :(

Anonymous said...

Hope you reconsider & stay open if you can. You've done a mighty fine job here.

Eye of Newt said...

I've still got 10 or more in the pipeline and would be willing to help maintain the site. I'm not great at Photoshop but I'm learning. Hit me up on e-mail if you want to discuss further.

Micke said...

Thank you for your great work.

Long life to this nice blog that I read since 2 years!!

Alex Gray said...

Hello fellas,

Only just found this blog and think it's great. I've got some artists I'd like to do (or in some cases, have already done for my own amusement and could share), please email me: compiled (at) animalsthatswim (dot) co (dot) uk.

Anonymous said...

Hi Alex, Please send us a mail directly, our address is on the right top of this page.