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Tuesday, May 17, 2011



How funny things are. When I came to Baistophe there was plenty of great bands to compile. Some had already been done, some other are still not. Climax Blues Band was certainly one of those I really wanted to make for the simple reason that I only owned one album of theirs : FM-LIVE, a great live album that invited me to discover more from that forgotten band. For reasons completely unknown by anybody (especially me), I have never done such an exploration. So you may understand how happy I found myself to receive a mail from new part-time contributor GARY who was sending me this compilation. As it is becoming an habit (you may think it's a good one, or not) this is a 2CD compilation which second one can be considered like a bonus CD. The firt one is a simple CD compilation exploring the almost complete CBB discography. Not exactly complete because the very first album and the very last one is not included in it. I think that the very first CBB album is not particularily as enjoyable as the other, but I think that I will give it a listen to make my own opinion. The last one is more understandably put aside : this is an exclusively tribute to Willy Dixon. Some classical blues that does not really fit with the rockier songs they used to record. In the contrary, Rich Man is unarguably the best represented.
As I said earlier, the second CD can be considered like a bonus one. It's indeed a live CD consisting of only bootleg tracks. The sound is good from the beginning to the end at the exception of one track where there's a bit of saturation. Well, it's good first attempt from Gary on our dear blog.

I simply hope he won't damn me for having made my own artwork. His was good anyway but in a too low resolution. I couldn't find his pix on higher resolution so I made my own one, respecting the title he had chosen for this Baistophe...

Extracts :

Rich Man
(from Rich Man, 1972)

Couldn't Get It Right
(from Gold Plated, 1976)


KeeWee said...

Where have I been for the last 42 years ... have never heard of these guys ... will be very interested to hear them ... many thanks for sharing mate

Don said...

I really like the way the logo wraps around the elephant's head. Very good design.

Purpleblues said...

and there was me thinking my efforts had been lost in a black hole...
And I love the cover, much improved on mine.
suppose better think of another Baistophe... Free , perhaps , or perhaps something a little more left field ? Gregg Allman ? Aztec Camera? Ryan Adams? Fish and / or Marillion? Morcheeba? who knows.. I'll wait for inspiration ( or a request) to strike

Anonymous said...

Everything you said is welcome, at the exception of Marillion and Fish : already done ;-)

windhawk said...

Thank You For The Climax Blues Band, i'm glad to listen Your compilation of this great band. And please could You refresh links of Hawkwind and Blue Oyster Cult, the rapidshare links are dead. And what about making for example Stray compilation in the future, great rock band from UK that exist from 1966 to 1977 (they had cca eight albums from 1970 to 1976) and later they made reunion and had some more albums, last Valhalla in 2009, so they have many great songs to Your Baistophe compilation and they rocks still.Youre making great job! Thank you all.