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Wednesday, April 14, 2010



When I first heard The White Stripes, it was - like many of you - with their hit single Seven Nation Army. But I didn't really fall in love with them. I simply agreed it was a good riff, nothing much more...
I was reintroduced to them when I dropped on a music channel on TV and I heard My Doorbell. I then found that music much more interesting but didn't do anythong to discover more.
Recently I felt the will to know much more about them and learnt that they had done much more albums than I thought.
I listen historically their first, eponymous, album from 1999 and was really impressed. Not by the sound of the drums that have never been the major quality of this band, but by the sound. The guitar, the reverbs, the sound of that voice that went from Marc Bolan to Ray Davies to Greenslade's Dave Lawson. That kind of recording (except, I repeat, the drums) made me feel it was recorded long ago.
That mix of pop, rock and hard rock, is nowadays unusual with todays pop music. Guitar solos, lead guitar instead of only-rhythm guitars, and a minimum of research in melodies.
The Whites Stripes are not necessarily the best band ever, but proves that rock'n'roll is not already dead on radio stations.

My White Stripes TOP:
1. Icky Thump (2007)
2. Elephant (2003)
3. The White Stripes (1999)
4. De Stijl (2000)
5. Get Behind Me Satan (2005)
6. White Blood Cell (2001)

And if you like the studio albums (and maybe some of you who might not), you surely will need their latest Under A Great White Northern Light. An outblowing live album.


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