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Saturday, April 3, 2010



British black metal band Cradle of Filth were formed in 1991, originally comprised of vocalist Dani Filth (born Daniel Lloyd Davey), guitarist Paul Ryan, his keyboardist brother Benjamin, bassist John Richard, and drummer Darren. After recording a demo dubbed Invoking the Unclean a year later, the group recruited guitarist Robin Eaglestone, who quit soon after recording a second demo, Orgiastic Pleasures; however, when Richard exited the band a short time later, Eaglestone stepped back in to assume bass duties, opening the door for guitarist Paul Allender. Following a third demo, Total Fucking Darkness, Cradle of Filth — now with new drummer Nicholas Barker — signed with the Cacophonous label, issuing their proper debut, The Principle of Evil Made Flesh, in mid-1994.
The lineup changes continued when the Ryan brothers both departed to form the Blood Divine (and Allender left as well), making room for guitarists Stuart Antsis and Jared Demeter and keyboardist Damien Gregori to debut on the 1996 mini-LP Vempire or Dark Faerytales in Phallustein. For the full-length Dusk and Her Embrace later that same year, Gian Pyres took Demeter's spot, and afterward, Gregori was replaced by keyboardist Les Smith; at any rate, the album substantially expanded the group's growing cult following. Cradle of Filth's next effort, Cruelty and the Beast, appeared in 1998, amid the group's steadily growing reputation for elaborate Alice Cooper/Marilyn Manson-style concert theatrics. Two years later the group returned with From the Cradle to Enslave, an EP that featured new drummer Adrian Erlandsson (formerly of Sweden's At the Gates and the Haunted), as Barker had departed to join Dimmu Borgir.
The band's dizzying lineup changes continued apace as Paul Allender rejoined the group and Martin Powell (ex-Anathema and My Dying Bride) replaced Smith on keyboards for the full-length Midian, which was appropriately released on Halloween 2000. Bitter Suites to Succubi was issued on Spitfire in summer 2001. The group added a choir and orchestra to the lineup for 2003's Damnation and a Day on Red Ink, and moved to Roadrunner for 2004's Nymphetamine. Thornography followed on Roadrunner in 2006, a year that also saw the release of The Cradle of Filth Box Set. Eleven Burial Masses, a collection of live material, arrived in 2007, followed by Godspeed on the Devil's Thunder in 2008.
- thanks to Diod for the selection and original artwork -

1 - Damnation and a Day (2003)
2 - Midian (2000)

3 - Godspeed's on the Devil's Thunder (2008)

1 - Nymphetamine (2004)
2 - Thornography (2006)
3 - Vempire (1996)

Dimmu Borgir, Anorexia Nervosa, Theatres des Vampires


Anonymous said...

Thanks Diod good to see Cradle Of Filth being Baistophed I first found the through a Goth friends vampire mag which had an indepth review of Cruelty and the Beast which made me want to hear it,
what an album it was amazing and made a solid fan of me personaly I think Damnation and a Day is thier best work cheers for something I did not expect to see you are to be saluted regards
The Old Fool

geemarcus said...

Great cover art and best use of the Disney font ever! Nice to see someone else giving Damnation and a Day love. For comparison's sake:

My top 3:
1 Damnation and a Day
2 Midian
3 Cruelty and the Beast

My bottom 3:
1 Thornography
2 Thornography
3 Thornography

KeeWee said...

Many thanks for sharing this ... have often wondered what Cradle of Filth sounded like ... now I know ... local music stores and radio here (Philippines) don't have such albums so I get to miss out on some great music ... thank god for www and guys like you who create such masterpieces of compilations !?

PS ... hahaha ... great pixel size for the album cover - 666 x 666