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Saturday, April 24, 2010



When I first heard of Ian Carr's death back in february 2009, I was already ready to to Baistophe is main band Nucleus. For many reasons I only post it today and I'm very happy to see it featured on our fame list.
I first heard of Nucleus by looking with whom Tony Levin has ever played. What I wasn't expecting was that the Tony Levin who is playing (the drums) with Nucleus was not the one I was looking for (the one who played bass with Peter Gabriel and King Crimson). So I found Nucleus for the wrong reason.
When I then first heard of Nucleus, I immediately was captivated and felt pretty amazed to see how similar they were with some Soft Machine songs... No surprise then when you know that Karl Jenkins and John Marshall were members of Nucleus before joining Soft Machine. You'll witness that Song For The Bearded Lady has got the same riff as Hazard Profile...
So, if like me, you are a huge fan of the Machine, you'll like Nucleus.

My Nucleus TOP3 :
1. Elastic Rock (1970)
2. Bella Donna (as Ian Carr) (1972)
3. We'll Talk About It Later (1970)

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Rochacrimson said...

Very similar to Soft Machine.
Thanks Ayah!