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Wednesday, April 7, 2010



Are the Damned a punk band? Sure, they started as one but their evolution has been so radical one can argue they turned to something totally different. Along these 35 cuts taken from the numerous albums they've released during their long and chaotic career, you'll be able to witness how rich and varied the Damned sound was. From straight out punk rock to gothic new wave, indie pop and more, the Damned have covered so many genres that it's no surprise they became a cult band for some and a complete source of puzzlement for the many others. Just for the record, what would you do of a punk band that's been produced by none other than Pink Floyd's Nick Mason for their second album in...1977. Add to it that on the same album (Music for Pleasure) you'll find the saxophone of free jazzman and improvisionalist Lol Coxhill (Kevin Ayers, Mike Oldfield, Derek Bailey, etc.). Yes, the Damned are something of an enigma in the music world, not that it's a bad thing, quite the contrary actually.

1 – Damned Damned Damned (1977)
2 – Phantasmagoria (1985)
3 – Machine Gun Etiquette (1979)

My DAMNED Bottom 3
1 – Anything (1986)
2 – I’m Alright Jack and the Bean Stalk (2002)
3 – Not of This Earth (1996)

Magazine, 999, Stiff Little Fingers


convertido said...

Thanks for this post. The Damned remain one of the only bands I still listen to decades after first hearing them. I would suggest that for an "appropriate" top 3 replace Phantasmagoria with the Black Album.

S.F.P. said...

Hey! I love Phantasmagoria. I stand by my top three though, would I have chosen to offer a top 4, I would have listed the Black Album and Strawberries on 4th position. ;)

geemarcus said...

Looking forward to hearing this. Off topic, but if anyone here is on send me a shout and a friend request (username is geemarcus). I'd love to see what other Biastophers are listening to. Just be sure to shout, I ignore friend requests from people who haven't communicated with me... BTW is there a place on the blog for general (not post-specific) comments?

kingpossum said...

OK that's not exactly the cover art that would jump to mind for me but hey...that's a Baistophe call.

I'm right there with convertido, while much of the '77 era punk has not aged well, the Damned's debut remains an all-timer to my ear.

On the flip, I'll go with S.F.P. on Phantasmagoria. Fab album, an important departure and very well crafted. Great post all the way around.

Anonymous said...

Thanx for That, makes me discover this band !

Anonymous said...

I am really Glad i came across this blog.Added to my bookmark!