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Friday, April 9, 2010

EV (ABO#361)


EV has never ben a major band. But they have been very important in the Breton culture and in the struggle for the reunification of Nantes region with Brittany.
At their very beginning, EV was nothing but another french pop bands whose music was nothing much different from the band Indochine. Fortunately the music has evoluated and the lyrics were not only in french but also in breton ... and in finnish, as one of the members come from Finland.
Success rapidly came but never went further than a local fame. So that's why I decided to make their Baistophe, not only to make them discovered from forreign countries but also within their home country.

My EV TOP3 :
1. Huchal (1996)
2. Distruj (1992)
3. Pemp (2001)
4. Reuz (1994)
5. Dizehan (2005)
6. Skomp (1987)

But if you have to own only one of them, I just can advise you their live album. A must have, as you will witness from the tracks I chose from it.

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julien said...

vive les nantais