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Friday, February 26, 2010



Christophe has hardly won his reputation of "serious singer". Songs like Aline, Les Marionnettes or Succès Fou made him look like he'd always been a variety singer. But it's all false. Christophe is some kind of a tortured singer. Most of his songs are in a typical melancholic spirit. But don't believe he only made sad and slow songs: he's also a great Rock performer and an astonishing great composer. His first top discography lives between 1973 and 1978. On LES PARADIS PERDUS album, lyrics are writen by Jean-Michel Jarre which make me think he should have stayed in the seat of writing lyrics. The music is composed by Christophe, which definitely confirm us that JM Jarre should have stayed on that seat...
After a harde passage in the 80s Christophe was back in the mid-90s with an unwaited technoid album that caught everyone wrongfooted. his following album the 2001 COMM'SI LA TERRE PENCHAIT is an outstanding come back in the classical Christophe melodic songs. This album definitely took him to the highest steps of respctablity. Christophe is now untouchable.
NB : Listen to Red Mountain, it's closely the same song as Pink Floyd's Careful With That Axe, Eugene

My Christophe TOP3 :
1. Les Paradis Perdus (1973)
2. Les Mots Bleus (1974)
3. Comm'Si La Terre Penchait (2001)

My Christophe BOTTOM3 :
1. CLichés D'Amour (1983)
2. Bevilacqua (1996)
3. Aline (1965)


José Carvalho said...

merci, I bought his last record advertised by a french friend and i was waiting for a compil to hear some of the oldest hits because some of his music sucs...

Anonymous said...

Putting the "Bevilacqua" album in the bottom 3 is a bit harsh... I find the song "Le Tourne-Coeur" one of the most touching he ever wrote...