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Monday, February 8, 2010



Perhaps best likened to a Belgian Tori Amos, An Pierlé created a similarly theatrical and operatic brand of piano-based art-pop. Born in 1974, Pierlé embraced music, acting, and dance as a toddler and briefly studied classical piano before enrolling at Antwerp's Studio Herman Teirlinck Art School at age 17. During her third year she headlined her first solo program of original material, an event further distinguished by the transparent ergonomic ball she sat upon instead of a traditional piano stool, a component of her live performances from that point forward. In 1996 Pierlé entered her demo tape in the annual Humo's Rock Rally competition, ascending to the final round on the strength of her jury-favorite rendition of Gary Numan and Tubeway Army's synth pop classic "Are Friends Electric?" The song also emerged as a Belgian radio hit, but Pierlé shied away from the attendant hype, instead spending close to two years as a member of the touring company behind the theatrical production Bernadetje. A handful of solo concerts nevertheless kept her on the radar of pop music executives and fans, and in early 1998 Pierlé finally signed to Warner Music Benelux to begin sessions for her debut LP, Mud Stories, issued the following year. Composer and arranger Koen Gisen emerged as Pierlé's collaborator for her sophomore release, 2002's Brian Eno-influenced Helium Sunset. A subsequent tour featured a full backing band and orchestra, additions that also shaped 2006's White Velvet.

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geemarcus said...

"A Belgian Tori Amos"? Sign me up! Can't wait to hear this one. "Are Friends Electric" is a great tune, so I'm doubly interested.

I don't know if there's a place to leave general comments for the blog, so I'll just add this here. I've been playing the video game "Brutal Legend". Anyone into games and metal should definitely give it a try. But the reason I mention it is that there are two really great songs in the soundtrack by a band called "Budgie" that I'd never heard before. From what I've learned about them they seem a perfect fit for a Baistophe. So I'm requesting one!

Ayah Gagöhn said...

Budgie ! sure !!

This one of our (100s) favourite bands. SFP has planned to do them but he has got so many ideas that he must have put them aside for a time. Let's hope he will remember them very soon.


mstanzas said...

Wait before downloading... There's a problem with the song 'Jupiter'...

tarik said...

Thanks for Belgian Gaba Kulka:)!

PS Sound of 'Jupiter' from collection differ from youtube version.

geemarcus said...

I'm enjoying this Baistophe, thanks! Has "Jupiter" been updated yet? Any chance of getting an upload of just the fixed file for those of us that already downloaded?

geemarcus said...

The heavy piano part near the end of "Exit" has similar distortion to "Jupiter" although not as severe. Maybe it's supposed to sound this way but I doubt it.

samsara said...

Hálásan köszönjük. Nagyon tetszik.
Minden jót!

geemarcus said...

I'm loving this artist. Were the issues with this ever fixed?

L said...

I've been looking for music from her - Thanks so much for assembling this compilation.