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Monday, February 22, 2010


(a selection from outer space)

Here's another themed Baistophe. This theme has been chosen for me by SFP and it was 'extraterrestrial'. I thought it would have been an easy work as it must be a well represented theme, but it wasn't really. Finding good songs about extraterrestrials is not particularly an easy job to do, especially if you don't want to drop into to much conventional tracks, including space rock, metal or psychedelic. Some technoid songs are also well represented in this outer-spaced theme. I had to put all together as much different genres as possible. And then the most difficult was to make them work together. And that's what I took. This is surely not what anyone expected for such a theme, even for me, but it's a good thing this compilation finally is.

I had made a mistake on the back cover in the file I sent you, I've corrected it on this post.
Just click on the picture to find the right one.


Ron said...

B: You continue to do great work. Thanks.

You missed Jonathan Richman's, "Here Come the Martian Martians"

Ayah Gagöhn said...

... and many more !

but 80 minutes are a bit too short. Maybe will this be a good idea for a second part ?