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Saturday, February 20, 2010



I won't present Bob Dylan as anyone knows him very well. Even his music is quite well known, especially the hits. Making a Baistophe of Bob Dylan could have been a useless work as many other best ofs have already been done officially. his 3 volumed 'Greatest Hits' can then be considered as a good best of. Also his latest 'Dylan' best of is one other of those really great compilations. The fact that making a best of Bob Dylan would have made nothing really different than a Greatest Hits (understand 'his most popular songs') has made our dear contributor Burns consider this work in a different perspective. This Baistophe is then not a real best of. You should consider it like a 'best of his obscur songs'. This Bob Dylan compilation is then a real good complement to any official compilation. So, if you only know his best work and want to discover more from that genius, listen to this. If you only want his hits, I just can advise you to go and look here.


YankeeBoy said...

When it comes to artists that I know really well, like Bob Dylan, it is sometimes interesting to listen to his songs in a different setting or a different order than I am used to hearing them in. I look forward to rediscovering some old favorite music with your compilation.

Bile said...

It appears that part 1 is already missing from MU. I'm pulling down part 2 right now, though.

Anonymous said...

no, part 1 is just temporarily unavailable. Just wait to see it back

Bile said...

Yup. I'ts available now, so I'm a-grabbin' it!


Zooma said...

Part 1 is down again...can you please re-up it again...thanks for all your excellant work...