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Tuesday, December 8, 2009



Let's start with her embarrassing participation to the first edition of Star Academy Edition… Luckily, she didn't win but quickly knew how to convert this experience into success with a record compagny and a first studio album, "J'aime pas l'amour". To do so, she contacts Juliette, Weepers Circus, Chet and others alternative chanson artists to help her write top notch material (J'aime pas l'amour, Le Tango du qui, Petite Fable…). A first appreciated album even if some songs sound like commercial teenage orientated chanson. It's only with the second album, La Femme Chocolat, that we can really define Olivia's music touch: folk, punk, indie, Hispanic Rock and Nouvelle Chanson.
With this second disc, Olivia Ruiz is awarded as the Female Artist Of The Year in 2001. The 'Live Chocolat Show' was a fantastic moment of phantasmagoria and extravaganza and she also won a prize for it (Concert of the Year).
Two years later, she writes the lyrics for her third studio album called Miss Météores. She co-arranges the music with her life partner, Mathias Malzieu (of French indie rock band Dyonisos) and one more time collaborates with friends and family (The rapper Buck 65, the dark cabaret project Lonely Drifter Karen, the indie band Noisettes, the french indie band Comign Soon, her brother and father, etc…). Just like the Chocolat show, Météores Show offers a spectacular live concert with beautiful scenes in which Olivia sings and dances her little stories, joking with the audience, inviting friends and family too...
All you have in 'Vous habitez chez vos parents?' is a 'patchwork': songs from the studio albums, covers and songs with other artists such as Brigitte Fontaine, Christophe, Mathias Malzieu, Weepers Circus,François Hadji Lazaro… Just listen to it with an open-mind and I'm sure you'll discover how attractive and entertaining Olivia's world is! And, as she's only 30 years old, we can assume the best is still to come…

mStanzas OLIVIA RUIZ Top
1 - La Femme Chocolat
2 - Miss Météores
3 - J'aime Pas L'Amour

Anaïs, La Grande Sophie, Jeanne Cherhal

(selection, rip and text by mStanzas, artwork by SFP)


geemarcus said...

I dig it!

Gaël said...

la renarde : un de ses plus beaux titres

par contre pas de duo avec les têtes raides dans votre baistophe ?

Ayah Gagöhn said...

peut-être sur celui des Têtes Raides eux mêmes !

Anonymous said...

thx ;-)