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Monday, December 14, 2009



What to say about Barbara Lynn ?
Born in Texas in 1942, she learned to play piano as a child, but inspired by her love of Rn'B switched to guitar.
She probably hasn't got the credit she deserves. Yes on the Northern Soul circuit, some of her 7"s are sought after and still played at many a 6ts soul night. But there is more to her than that.
A prolic recording artist since the early sixties, recording for a variety of labels in particular "Jamie" and "Atlantic" Like many other soul artists this probably didn't help her career. A great vocalist who could sing deep southen syles to more upbeat numbers, she was also a well respected guitarist.
As with lot of her contempories she tried to stay up with the fashion in the latter part of hercareer and dipped her toe in DISCO pool, not a dismal failure as a few of the latter tracks on this CD will show, but also not her forte.
She made made a comeback in the 90s and is still recording and touring, and wowing them by all
accounts, but this CD concentrates on the early recordings.
Truth be told I could have picked quite a few Soul/RnB singers for the BAISTOPHE treatment
but Barbara has been a long time favourite of mine.
Hope that she becomes a favourite of yours as well.


And here's SFP's "divine intervention"...
I hope TT won't mind but I took it on me to create a right image for his Barbaba Lynn baistophe as the artwork he crafted indeed featured Bo Diddley Band's The Duchess in place of Barbara. Here's what I came up with:

I hope he won't mind and that this new artwork will do the job.


Anonymous said...

I usually enjoy the work you're doing with your compilations but this is below your usual standards.
I'm sorry but, concentrating on Barbara's 1962-1968 era is just a bad idea and 28 songs from that time must be close to the whole of her releases for that time.
Also, since her comeback discographic comeback in the 90s she has released quite a handful of quality material that should have been featured here.

That said, it's always nice to see Barbara being publicized. She certainly is a classy lady and it's time more people notice her.

Anonymous said...

Whilst i do respect your opinion and I do have a fair point, i beg to differ with regard her disco period. Also whilst this mix does concentrate on the period you mention, it does go beyond it and in fact their is even something of her disco period to found there.
She was prolific in the 60s and recorded more than 28 song.I also felt it would be nice to get those on one CD as otherwise you have to track down releases from seperate labels to hear her at her best.
Like you I felt that she her getting a bit more attention. Of coure there are several other "fringe" soul singers from the same period that could justify a compilation, but I couldnt do them all and Babs sorta represents all of them.
yes 28 songs and almost 80 mins, but when you play it, it doesnt seeem like it. thats credit to the lady.
allways good to hear froma fellow fan.


Steve said...


I'm pretty sure that the front photo you are using is of The Duchess from Bo Diddley's band, not Barbara Lynn. Notice how the real pics of Lynn show her playing right handed...


Anonymous said...

No Barbar was left handed, i have seen a picture of her holdin( not playing" a guitar right handed but it was " posed" shot or could even have been a reveresed image. just check her playing on the YOUTUBE links for confirmation or do a google image search, no doubt she played it "left hand"
That said on investigation I do think you are correct and that is the The Duchess from The Bo Diddly band. I found the image on the net and it was credited as a Barbara Lynn picture, which i accepted in good faith. They do look alike and I guess there wernt many left handed black ladies around at the time, so I can understand the original mistake and how I didnt pick it up.
Shame as its a great picture.


Good spot Steve.

S.F.P. said...

New artwork added.
I hope you'll like it.

Anonymous said...

I do indeed. Pity the original picture was Barbara as it is a great image.


S.F.P. said...

You mean "wasn't". ;)

Anonymous said...

Good mix, though I do have to concur she did good stuff after this time period. I saw her play a couple of years ago and she was excellent. Thanks. W.