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Wednesday, December 30, 2009



For the Lady's Month's finalé, we thought long and hard what was the best possible choice and what genre we could have left aside. Sure, we lack on the jazz part but jazz compilations are not that easy to make. Let's sum it up, we had pop, rock, hard rock, rythm'n'blues, folk, chanson, world music, punk, indie... That pretty much covers the whole spectrum I'd say.
And so, I decided that some soul/funk would be cool. We already had Barbara Lynn and thus needed something different. I thought about Betty Davis, Millie Jackson, Aretha Franklin and a few others but either those had too many records for me to explore on short notice or their repertoire lacked in quality songs so that the "baistophe" wouldn't be satisfactory...
And then it came to me as if a divine light had fallen from the sky: Minnie Riperton! Most of you only know her for her big hit and classy soul ballad "Loving You" or the songs Quentin Tarantino used for hus Jackie Brown soundtrack, "Inside My Love" and do not realize what an amazing artist with a surreal voice she was. She only made a handful of quality albums before dying of breast cancer in 1979 at the age of 32 and is still very missed among soul music connoisseurs.
So here's a 20 songs resumé of her too short career (only 6 albums as a solo artist), may it want you to check out more.

1 - Adventures in Paradise (1975)
2 - Perfect Angel (1974)

3 - Come to My Garden (1970)
4 - Minnie (1979)
5 - Stay in Love (1977)
6 - Love Lives Forever (1980)

The Rotary Connection (Minnie's 60s band), Donny Hathaway, Roberta Flack

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