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Monday, September 29, 2008



God exists, His name is Robert Wyatt. He is very discreet but we can see him almost everywhere from the greatest film soundtracks (Travelling Birds, ...) to many artists as guest (Björk, Nick Mason, . . .) He really never stops working even if a long time lasts between to of his solo albums.
This gorgeous carreer begins in 1970 when Wyatt sees himself in artistical disagreement with his collegues from Soft Machine (see ABO#073). His first solo album was a deeply experimental album. During his experience with his own band Matching Mole, Wyatt was injured in a party and became paraplegical, preventing him from playing the drums. Fortunately, Robert was one of the (if not 'the') best voices of the Canterbury scene. His second and real solo carreer began then with 1974 'Rock Bottom' which became one of the very best albums of all times ! After a second album, 'Ruth Is Stranger Than Richard', Wyatt became less prolific, making an album almost every 5 years... But what an album that is!
It's very interesting how a man like Robert Wyatt logically brought his music from an extraordinary Canterbury style to a vocal jazz.

Sea Song

Heaps Of Sheeps

My Robert Wyatt TOP3 :
1. Rock Bottom (1974)
2. Nothing Can Stop Us (1982)
3. Shleep (1997)

My Robert Wyatt BOTTOM3 :
1. A Short Break (1992)
2. The Animal Film (1983)
3. The End Of An Ear (1970)



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