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Sunday, September 14, 2008



As I said on the last post, Malicorne broke up in 1984 after "Les Cathédrales De L'Industrie". Gabriel felt then free to go on as a solo singer along with his wife Marie, who rapidly left to lead Virgin's World label (then Peter Gabriel's Realworld). By the way, the solo career, as we could expect on the last Malicorne LP, was no longer folk/celtic but just singer/songwriter albums, with, sometimes, some inches of traditionalism. Gabriel Yacoub is one of my favourite frenche singers for that simple reason : he is a simple man making simple, intelligent songs, with a good taste for melancholy. Just listen to "Les Choses Les Plus Simples" to admit that at least this one is hugely moving !

Extracts :
Les Choses Les Plus Simples

Ces Dieux-Là

My Gabriel Yacoub TOP3 :
1. Bel (1990)
2. :Yacoub: (2001)
3. Trad Arr. (1978)

My Gabriel Yacoub BOTTOM3 :
1. Elementary Level Of Faith (1986)
2. Babel (1994)
3. De La Nature Des Choses (2008)

(very hard to make such a top/bottom, even Elementary Level Of Faith is great, so...)


L said...

A Wonderful choice of artist to profile - he is one of my favorites, too, and Malicorne - well, you cannot pay them enough compliments. I was lucky enough to see Yacoub play in a coffeehouse in the U.S. several years ago. His music has such authenticity.

le said...

Thanks! Very nice blog you made, great work!

le said...

Thanks! Great work!