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Thursday, September 18, 2008



Caravan is the pop side of Soft Machine (see ABO#073). The comparison is not a fortuitous one. In fact Soft Machine and Caravan were born from the same band : The Wilde Flowers. While Ratledge and Wyatt went to create Soft Machine bringing The Wilde Flowers music into a Jazz experience, Pye Hastings and brothers Sinclair made it popier, even if the canterbury sound remains a common ground to both formations. Jazz is no stranger to Caravan : some improvisations are included on almost each of their albums, even if by the year 1975, the music came to be writen as a more classic prog process. Caravan is, as many other Canterbury acts, one of my favourite bands for that reason : making intelligent music affordable to anyone.

Extracts :
For Richard (edit)

Jack And Jill

My Caravan TOP3 :
1. In The Land Of Grey And Pink (1971)
2. For Girls Who Grow Plump In The Night (1973)
3. Blind Dog At Saint Dunstans (1976)

My Caravan BOTTOM3 :
1. The Battle Of Hastings (1995)
2. Better By Far (1977)
3. Back To Front (1981)



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