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Monday, September 22, 2008



Clann Zú was an Australian and Irish band that formed in Melbourne in 1999.
The forming members drew inspiration from an eclectic mix of musical styles, such as punk, rock, folk, electronic, and classical. Their fusion of Celtic folk, electronic music, and rock has created a unique epic soundscape full of powerful atmospheric sounds and off-beat instrumentation.
This compilation includes songs from Clann Zú 3 releases (one ep and two lps) and 4 songs from singer Declan de Barra's debut solo album who, with his powerful voice sometimes reminding of the Buckleys (father and son), was an important part of the band's sound.
Dearly missed and yet unreplaced, Clann Zú is a must hear for adventurous rock lovers.

One Bedroom Apartment


kingpossum said...

Baistophe has become a "must go" destination for me precisely because of things like this--a thoughtful introduction to an artist I was unfamiliar with.

I'd like to suggest the good hearts behind Baistophe take a stab at Golden Earring. I think a lot of people aren't aware they're still going strong and have released some of the best music of their career in the last few years.

Only one problem--since they've been continuously recording since 1965, you've either have to pick one period of the band to cover or make it a 3-volume set!

Thanks for listening, and thanks as always for the music.


Ayah Gagöhn said...

It's in the projects, don't panic ! I really like this band too even if, after their 1977 live, the music became really tasteless.
Thanks for the advise, maybe this will help it come eralier ;)

kingpossum said...

Good news, ayah g! I'm actually quite fond of their latest studio releases Paradise In Distress (1999) and Millbrook U.S.A. (2002), though I agree a lot of their 80s and 90s output is often a bit dodgy.

Speaking of Dutch artists, could Herman Brood be much farther behind? Okay I'll be quiet now.

Thanks for all the love and energy you put into Baistophe. It's a gem.


Ayah Gagöhn said...

Hermann Brood ?

Never heard of that specimen. I put him on my "to discover" list and maybe will I be able to baistophe him.

Go on, Kingpossum, that's exactly what we expected when we created that blog : exchanging points of views. Yours and anyone else's are very welcome.

S.F.P. said...

Maybe you can "baistophe" that Herman Brood of yours...
If you want to, we can do the artwork...

As the disclaimer on the top right of page says, we're always looking for people to collaborate to our blog. ;)

S.F.P. said...

What about something like that for the artwork?

kingpossum said...

Perfecto! That's terrific cover art for a Brood Baistophe. I would suggest some original Brood art (he was a painter as well as musician) for the back cover. Should be easy to find online.

I have Brood's entire catalog and will be happy to put an overview together. One very good authorized 2CD comp exists, but it omits some interesting bits that help define what the man's music is about.

Be in touch soon...

S.F.P. said...

Thanks to you, I looked for Brood's art and came up with that back cover :

Tell me what you think... ;)