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Tuesday, April 1, 2008



Nino Ferrer sadly died in 1998 and let behind him a huge work almost anyone seems to want to remember. Indeed, when you talk about him to any french person, he or she will tell you about his very first songs, a bit comic as "Le Téléfon", "Mirza" or "Ho Hé Hein Bon". That's a bit reducing his work to that kind of "music". In fact Nino was a real music lover, admiring bluesmen and funkmen as he says in his early song "Je Veux Être Noir" (I Want To Be A Black). With his first real LP (Métronimie, 1972) Nino shows how talented he is. Some kind of jazzy-bluesy songs really ambitious and nice to be heard. His masterpiece. Until 1979 with the Blanat album he brang the same policy to his music travelling from one side of the music universe, to another... Finally really underground, he didn't made his place on the french media, wanting another "Téléfon". In the 80s, Ferrer's music became much more mainstream but still nice.

CD1 :
1. Les Cornichons
2. Ma Vie Pour Rien
3. Un Premier Jour Sans Toi
4. Métronimie
5. La Maison Près De La Fontaine
6. Freak
7. Pour Oublier Qu'On S'Est Aimé

8. Ouessant
9. Mashed Potatoes
10. L'Inexpressible
11. Sud Express
12. Moby Dick
13. La Révolution
14. Introduction
15. Bloody Flamenco
1. L'Arbre Noir
2. Looking For You
3. Le Sud
4. Le Blues Des Chiens
5. Moon
6. Papagayo Frog

7. Carmencita
8. Prélude Et Mort De Mirza
9. Je Veux Être Noir
10. Claire
11. Ulysse
12. Est-Ce Que Mon Cheval Est Une Moto
13. Notre Chère Russie
14. L'Année Mozart (La Marche Turque)
15. La Marseillaise
16. Fratelli E Cosi' Sia (Allons Enfants)

My Nino Ferrer TOP 3 :
1. Métronimie (1972)
2. Blanat (1979)
3. Nino Ferrer & Leggs (1973)

My Nino Ferrer BOTTOM 3 :
1. La Désabusion (1993)
2. 13e Album (1986)
3. his first work in the 60s (on SP)


Anonymous said...

Guys, many many thanks for this great post!


Ayah Gagöhn said...

Thank YOU for your nice words, Nick

I admit I'm a bit proud of this one

Anonymous said...

Belle initiative, Nino mérite sa place dans la blogosphère ! Merci encore !

Ayah Gagöhn said...

+1 !

Nino n'a jamais été reconnu à sa juste valeur.

Grâce à nous il le sera

libremax said...

thanks so much! and what s the code for the archive?

Ayah Gagöhn said...

It's BAISTOPHE, as usual

Anonymous said...

Oh guys !!

This Nino's one make you the best blog available on Mother Earth . Definitely.

En voyageant dans votre dédale je me disais déjà que franchement c'était balaise(balaizstophe ... mmouais bon)

Mais là vous cassez la baraque les gars. A la dynamite


Anonymous said...

This baistophe is unbelievable: I only knew Ferrer for Le Sud, and La Maison Près de la Fontaine, as well as Gaston of course, but here I discover a complete different artist !!! This man was really into jazz/rock, even sometimes some LedZep fancy tunes. I just can't believe I did not know anything about him (I am french-speaking and into my forties, though)...
Thank you for your work !!!