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Sunday, April 13, 2008



Nazareth is a second plan band discovered by Deep Purple's bass player Roger Glover. This scottish band has this singularity to make no-dark Hard Rock. I explain. If their music is not even happy, it has the power to bring us to serenity. The simple drum playing and the melodies can stick them into the pop culture, but don't mistake about it, it's real Hard Rock, with real good guitar playing and rageous voice. Don't even try to find any light lyrics in any of their songs. Just push play and rise the volume up to 20 ! You'll find here the very best work of this great background band, including some tracks of the very last album The Newz ! Enjoy !

CD1 :

1. Empty Arms, Empty Hearts
2. Morning Dew (Bonnie Dobson cover)
3. Called Her Name
4. Goin' Down (Don Nix cover)
5. Vigilante Man
6. Night Woman
7. Not Faking It
8. This Flight Tonight
9. Silver Dollar Forger
10. Jet Lag
11. Shapes Of Things (incl. Space Safari) (Yardbirds cover)
12. Changin' Times
13. Somebody To Roll
14. Telegram

15. Loretta
16. Expect No Mercy

CD2 :

1. Whiskey Drinking Woman / Hair Of The Dog
2. Road Ladies
3. May The Sunshine
4. Simple Solution
5. Claim To Fame
6. Hearts Grown Cold
7. Talking Bout Love
8. Pop The Silo
9. Cocaine (JJ Cale cover)
10. Gatecrash
11. Back To The Trenches
12. Take The Rap
13. Last Exit Brooklin
14. Hit The Fan
15. Do You Wanna Play House
16. Goin' Loco

17. The Gathering

My Nazareth Top3 :
1. Rampant (1974)
2. Loud'n'Proud (1974)
3. The Newz (2008)

My Nazareth Bottom3 :
1. Snakes'n'Ladders (1990)
2. Sound Elixir (1983)
3. Cinema (1986)

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