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Friday, April 25, 2008



HAWKWIND's history has been marked by a series of confusing line-ups through 40 or so personnel changes. Their sound has continued to metamorphose and evolve: an almost jazz feel ("Hawkwind"), the "experimental" & acoustic sounds of early releases ("In Search of Space"), changing to the metal sound of their days (mid 70's), and a modern electronic feel on the latest ("Electric Teepee"). Yes, one can detect definite evolutions. With the primary use of the synthesizer, heavy and delay with the touch of techno, HAWKWIND practically created a genre of music that be called: psychedelic space-rock. Their creativity seems to be in the use of the synths to add to the intense moods of their songs. They were the master of the acid-space rock genre.
There are at least 100 total albums that are either compilations, EP's, bootlegs of live performances, etc. Be careful before buying live records : so many are multi-edited...
(source : progarchives)

CD1 :

1. Hurry On Sundown
2. Cymbaline (Pink Floyd cover)
3. Master Of The Universe
4. Silver Machine
5. Born To Go
6. Brainstorm
7. Space Is Deep
8. Orgone Accumulator
9. 7 By 7

10. Web Weavers
11. Assault & Battery, part 1
12. Magnu
13. Spiral Galaxy 28948

1. The Aubergine That Ate Rangoon
2. Spirit Of The Age
3. PXR5
4. Motorway City

5. World Of Tiers
6. Space Chase
7. Esperiment With Destiny
8. Shade Gate
9. Zarozinia
10. Dragons And Fables
11. Assassins Of Allah
12. Let Barking Dogs Lie
13. Sputnik Stan
14. Death Trap
15. Alchemy
16. Prairie
17. Luxotica
18. Greenback Massacre

My Hawkwind TOP3 :
1. In Search Of Space (1971)
2. Levitation (1979)
3. Warriors On The Edge Of Time (1975)

My Hawkwind BOTTOM3 :
1. Sonic Attack (1981)
2. The Xenon Codex (1988)
3. Space Bandits (1990)

Special Hawkwind Live recommended :
1. Space Ritual (1973)
2. Yule Ritual (2003)
3. Canterbury Fayre (2001)


Anonymous said...

Great !
Thanks for the great work of searching through the huge discography of Hawkwind
I only know the first records, i'll listen to the other parts.
Thanks again

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Probably because you have been downloading too much lately. ;)

Ayah Gagöhn said...

Rapidshare volontary blocks the free downloads when there are too many people downloading. You just have to wait a little bit ;-)

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File is deleted, please, re-up!!! thank you very much for yuor fantastic blog

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Hey ya ... any chance of a re-up for Hawkwind ... cheers

As usual, I finally found a great site ... and it is about to stop ... would love to continue it myself, but I'm a useless critic and anyway, have a very limited collection of stuff