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Tuesday, April 1, 2008


Who can remember that grand master who was Mirjlovsky Ibeksclivaks ? Almost no one. Fortunately, some truly hardcore music addicted have discovered some of his songs.
Born in 1929 in Croatia, he immediately found his way in music. His father bought him a guitar and taought him how to play it. Very rapidly, his talents were recognised in his hometown. But as poor as he was, he couldn't live of it by recording a record. So his fater who was far from an idiot managed to build him a home studio. His first works, until the age of 14 were then recorded with that equipment. Until then he had already recorded half a dozen albums that had no - even local - success. But his talent was trully there. Just listen to his very first track and dare to say that Deep Purple, Iron Butterfly or even the Doors have invented everything ! Rubbish ! Everything has really come from Mirjlovsky. At the end of WWII, his home country had been destroyed almost entirely. So Mirjlovsky took his spared money to fly to USA to take his chance in the musical business. Too precocious, he didn't ever made his way there and retired back on the Kerguelen Islands to play to a public that would appreciate his symphony as well...
1. Trësh Mätëlpö Lkäh
2. Blues Serbo Croate
3. Gaüjÿirä Khlöod
4. Rändöhm
5. Ssätühr Aaaah ! Scion (closing section)
6. Graille N'Dkhaur Vs. TaïqNo ArdKhaur
7. çlipÿin Wÿizs Zö Döogh (radio edit)
8. The Mormon Project (The Discovery / french version)
9. Ta Täÿo Yokëhss Kyïah Soutöhn Grähnshäah Pöoh (w/ Diamanda Galas)


Mike Leader said...

Haha, Fantastic guys :)


Ayah Gagöhn said...

isn't it ? :D

geemarcus said...

I'm intigued...looking forward to listening...but why are all the tracks "Album Artist" tag "Mylene Farmer"?

geemarcus said...

OK...I should've listened to this before asking a question about it. April fools, haha. There's interesting stuff here, though. Other than Weird Al, what are these tracks, really?

Rodney said...

Oh no ... I've missed it ... would you please re-up this one too ... cheers mate

PS ... is it just me or is rapidshare a P.I.T.A ... never have any problems with albums stored on megaupload, just rapidshare