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Wednesday, April 16, 2008



Jethro Tull was founded in 1968. In the beginning, Tulls music was purely blues-oriented, sounding like the first Fleetwood Mac albums. This blues had that particularity to feature Ian Anderson's flute which rapidly brang a folk/celtic color on their second LP Stand Up. Their popularity exploded while the Aqualung album issued in 1971. Labelled as a folky Led Zeppelin IV, this wasn't very surprising because the two bands were very friends and the two albums were made exactly at the same time in the same studio. Jethro Tull is stamped "Hard Rock" even if it's much more a progressive folk band. Most of their LPs are very Folk oriented (War Child, Songs From The Wood) or Medievalish Hard Rock (Minstrel In The Gallery). But their masterpiece is Thick As A Brick and later the arguably A Passion Play. By the end of the 70s and John Glacock's death (1979/11/17) the Tull fell down into mediocrity until they found their new signature, a kind of Dire Straits - style that bring them a 1987 reward for their album Crest Of A Knave in the Metal category (!) just stealing the reward to Metallica (!!). This is a premiere on Baistophe, this is the very first (not the last I guess) 3CD set we suggest you, Jethro Tull's music and talent being so expanded...

1. A Song For Jeffrey
2. A New Day Yesterday
3. Fat Man
4. Reasons For Waiting
5. With You There To Help Me
6. To Cry You A Song
7. Love Story
8. Aqualung

9. Cross-Eyed Mary
10. My God
11. Locomotive Breath
12. Wind Up (Quad. Version)
13. Wond'ring Again
14. Life Is A Long Song
15. Thick As A Brick (extract)
16. Critique Oblique
1. Magus Perdè
2. War Child
3. Back-Door Angel
4. Skating Away On The Thin Ice Of A New Day
5. The Third Hoorah
6. Minstrel In The Gallery

7. One White Duck / 0^10 = Nothing At All
8. Quizz Kid
9. Salamander
10. The Chequered Flag
11. Songs From THe Woods
12. The Whistler
13. One Brown Mouse
14. Heavy Horses
15. Conundrum
16. Quatrain

1. Dark Ages
2. Dun Ringhill
3. Fylingdale FLyer
4. The Pine Martin's Jig
5. Broadsword
6. Cheerio
7. Jump Start
8. Part Of The Machine
9. A Christmas Song
10. Another Christmas Song
11. Still Loving You Tonight
12. Like A Tall Thin Girl
13. Valley
14. Wounded Old And Treacherous
15. Hot Mango Flush
16. El Niño

17. A Winter Snowscape

My Jethro Tull TOP3 :
1. Thick As A Brick (1972)
2. Aqualung (1971)
3. Songs From The Wood (1977)

My Jethro Tull BOTTOM3 :
1. Underwraps (1984)
2. Broadsword And The Beast (1982)*
3. A Passion Play (1973)

* : I know so many love that album but, I'm sorry, I really can't stand this one.


darkreign said...

Merci, je viens de découvrir Aqualung (je sais, j'ai honte...). Je vais maintenat parfaire ma connaissance de ce groupe

Anonymous said...


Jorge Argentina said...

Dear friend Baistophe. I want to thank you for this site.. you are doing a hard job compiling so many music and giving us back what you deeply believe is a good way to get into every group... thank you very much!! I would like to ask you if you could add an additional link for Radiohead's compilation cause I cannot access megaupload and I really would like to have it.. Thank you very much!!

Ayah Gagöhn said...

i'll try to these days

Rochacrimson said...

Stand Up from 1969 is really great too.I recommend too "Live at Isle of Wight 1970" released in last years is really powerful great live concert by Tull!

VELARDO said...

Jethro Tull best albums: Stand Up, Aqualung, Thick as a brick, Songs from the wood, Broadsword and the beast, Crest of a knave.
Please if you like Jethro Tull visit my blog:

josefao492 said...

Sorry if I had something wrong in this comment. I'm from Spain and I live in Granada.

I want to thank you for posting this home but so interesting compilation of Jethro Tull.

I am a follower of the career of the band. My father has "Aqualung", "Thick as a brick", "Living in the past", and a pirate edition of "Songs from the wood".

I have "A passion play", "Minstrel in the gallery", and an official compilation called "The best of Jethro Tull: The anniversary collection".

That 'best of' was an outstanding greatest hits at that time (1993), but for me, the few weak points in "The anniversary collection" were that the band don’t include "Witch's promise", "Warchild", "Dark ages", "Warm sporran", "Black sunday" and "Rocks on the road". These songs were more interesting than an abridge version of "Minstrel in the gallery", "Jack-in-the-green", "Dun Ringill", "Pussy willow" (*), "Steel monkey", "Farm on the freeway" and "Kissing Willie".

(*) I can't understand why this song was rank as an AMG Track Pick at the website Allmusic. When I listen the expanded edition of "Broadsword and the beast", I had just realised that "Pussy willow" never was really a good song at all, and not even one of the best compositions from "Broadsword...". Even "Watching me watching you" was better compared with the previous song.

And I can't understand too why Jethro Tull don't launch another compilation with a better work at the remasterization of the sound. "The Best of Acoustic Jethro Tull" is a good collection, but it's only a 'best of' about the acoustic works of the band.

Please, post to us a home 'greatest hits' of Vangelis' career with the full lenght version of "End titles of Blade Runner" (approximately 7 minutes and 30 seconds).

Thanks again and long life to this blog!!

Anonymous said...

Love the main page. Will it always be like this?