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Tuesday, March 11, 2008



One of the numerous band struggling to catch on the 80's hair metal fame, Saigon Kick gains a few pointers for originality. Kind of a King's X cousin band, they add lots of pop influences in their music creating a rather refreshing sound while never forgetting metal is all about "heaviness". Lead by guitarist/songwriter Jason Bieler and vocalist Matt Kramer on their successful first two albums, the band turned into a trio when their singer called it quits to be replaced by none other than their own guitarist, Jason. Their sound, then, became even poppier but the band failed to reach the sales of his first two outfits. After a final album (Bastards, 1999) of a lower quality, Saigon Kick disbanded never to return. Here's the best of 4 high quality albums (the first four, as you might have guessed) that are still proof of Saigon Kick's huge talent. Get it now!

1. What You Say 3:49
2. Colors 3:43
3. My Life 4:46
4. Come Take Me Now 4:37
5. Feel The Same Way 2:43
6. God Of 42nd Street 4:00
7. Chanel 2:46

8. Love Is On The Way 4:24
9. Sleep (instrumental) 1:01
10. Water 4:59
11. I Love You 3:39
12. On And On 3:27
13. Sentimental Girl 2:36

14. When You Were Mine 3:58
15. Reprise 1:43
16. Eden 5:02
17. Spanish Rain 5:03
18. Victoria 4:23
19. Edgar 3:14

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