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Saturday, March 8, 2008



Television, formed in New York City in 1973, is an American rock music band. Although Television never achieved more than the tiniest cult audience in their American homeland, they achieved significant commercial success in Europe and today are widely regarded as one of the key founders of punk rock.

Television was a part of the early New York punk rock scene, contemporary with bands like the Patti Smith Group and the Ramones. In contrast to the Ramones' focus on minimalist amateurism, Television's music was much more technically proficient, defined by the dueling guitars of Tom Verlaine and Richard Lloyd. In retrospect, Television pointed beyond punk rock to new wave and post punk.

In 2001, they reformed, they played many gigs but recorded nothing. In 2007, Richard Lloyd was about to leave the band but could not play the last concerts because he was recovering from pneumonia. He was then replaced by Jimmy Rip and in December 2007, they were recording a new album with this new line-up.

3-Marquee Moon
4-Carried Away
6-Prove It
7-Torn Curtain
9-The Dream's Dream
10-1880 or So
11-Shane, She Wrote This
12-Call Mr Lee
14-No Glamour for Willi


Brousse Foqueusstone said...

Pouvez-vous nous expliquer comment un Richard Llyod mort peut jouer en concert ce mois-ci ?

Pierre said...

Effectivement, quelques recherches semblent indiquer qu'il n'est pas mort. Ma source (un journal papier très connu) n'était donc pas fiable. Désolé pour cette fausse information, j'ai donc corrigé le texte !

Rochacrimson said...


tiz said...

hi, thanks for the great work!
The Television link don't work, can you help me, please?
Thanks in advance

tiz said...

Now, it's ok!!!!!
let's go...thanks

Anonymous said...

vraiment tres jolie!

Anonymous said...


I would love to download this file thru rapidshare and avoid Megaupload as it has completely messed up my registry and harddrive with infections and spyware.

Merce Beaucoup!

NAZZZ66 said...


Thanks alot for the really great compilations of music from a vast range of artists!
If you could upload this file and the Leonard Cohen to Rapid share I would very grateful.
I have some stuff that i hope to share with you all in the next couple of months when i have some time off to devote!


Anonymous said...

Eh b'en, j'arrive fort en retard; en passant pour les curieux, le lien de telechargement n'est pas mort. J'aime enormement le concepte de ce blog a nous donner une introduction aux groupes moins connus.

Moi, j'ai suivi une autre approche, celle de selectionner certains groupes qui me passionnent, dont Television, et de recueillir tous les liens encore actifs pour tous les bootlegs encore disponible.

Si, suite a cette introduction par Baistophe, Television vous tente encore, les liens vers une trentaine d'enregistrements rarissimes (y compris deux en studio)se trouvent indexe dans mon mega-post ici:

Tous mes mega-posts (a ce jour: Television, Magazine, Ultravox (avant Ure), Gang of Four et Faust) se trouvent ici:

N'oubliez pas de verifier les commentaires pour des rajouts; le mega-post de Magazine se trouve sur la deuxieme page - cliquez Older Posts en bas de la premiere page.

Cheers et merci, Dave Sez.