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Wednesday, March 12, 2008

LES VRP (ABO #031)


In 1988, it's in the street that Les VRP career starts. Wearing strange disguises (bad quality old fashioned 70's suits and clownesque make-up) when they see them people can't help but stop and look in amazement at such a strange troupe comprising Fabrice, Stéphane, Marc, Gilbert et Gilberd.Their cover of Claude François' Alexandrie Alexandra gets a little success, a success too predictable to the band taste that chooses to focus on their own (funny) songs and release a first album in 1989. Their lyrics reflect their state of mind, rather crazy. No political content, Les VRP are not serious (except maybe about French language with which they love to play with). Les VRP are then absorbed in the rising French alternative rock scene (Mano Negra, Wampas, Satellites, etc…) and end up working with other bands from this scene on some of their songs (Stellamentable with the belgian duet Sttellla, La misère des voix vulgaires with Gina et les Pires, Sidney with the Babylon Fighters). the year 1990 sees the release of their 2nd album. Les VRP play in the famous concert hall L'Olympia and then go traveling with their one of a kind show in Europe, Japan, Canada or Senegal. Their success is growqing fast, most of their concerts are sold out and they play in many festival sharing the bill with more serious but equally successfull acts such as Mano Negra or Noir Désir.Their third and final album is Vacances Prolongées (Prolounged Holidays released in 1992) and tells what the band has decided to do : split up at the peak of their fame! They decide to do so by fear of becoming another gimmick band and not having fun doing so. In 1993, playing at the Zenith in Montpellier, they say their farewell in a concert at the end of which their throw their instruments into the audience. They never came back since.

Two acoustic guitars are the only classical instruments Les VRP used. The other are all made up of various objects : contre-bassine for Stéphane (broom stick, rope and a plastic bucket make a sort of double bass), a brush to wash dishes, a suitcase, some spoons for the percussionist Marc, a toy piano for Gilbert and a little more whenever needed (cans, etc...).Their music is quite hard to define, it mixes classic French chanson with humour both on musical an lyrical sides of it.Above all, Les VRP were a live band though they often said being even more at ease in small bars or even on the street. They loved to improvise, play with the audience, etc... Each concert was a new experience for the band and those watching it. Nevertheless, I hpe this compilation will remain an enjoyable experience (even more if you understand French).
1. Le camp d'entrainement 2:34
2. Le roi de la route 4:47
3. Le nain 0:54

4. Mardi Gras 2:54
5. Les livres de fesse 1:48
6. Alexandrie Alexandra 5:28
7. Les auréoles 2:03
8. Ramon Perez 3:22
9. Macramé les doigts 3:11
10. Ta soeur 3:21
11. La picardie 2:39
12. Léo 3:43

13. Bartek 2:56
14. Tout pour le fric 3:59
15. Aujourd'hui c'est dimanche 2:34
16. Mémère 2:22
17. Ma vache a grossi 3:36
18. Salope 3:08


Anonymous said...

Pour info, j'ai l'impression que cette compile alléchante mériterait d'être ré-uploadée parce que j'ai essayé à deux reprises sans succès, ça bloque à 99%, tout comme celle des Garçons Bouchers, ce qui n'a pas été le cas de la plupart des autres que j'ai eu le loisir d'écouter... Encore merci pour vos efforts de partage. Sam

Eye of Newt said...

I don't understand French but I'm really enjoying this one. Thanks for the introduction.