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Wednesday, February 2, 2011



This project is a long awaited Baistophe on our list.
I have discovered Gov't Mule back in 1999 when a friend of mine, record seller told me of them. He sold me their Live with the little help from our friends CD and I was really impressed that that kind of music was still played at that time. I didn't even know Haynes was one of the major member of the Allman Brothers Band. I wasn't surprised to know that because the spirit of both bands are similar to each other. However, Mule's one is harder, heavier ... and maybe more soulful.
What is notable in Gov't Mule is their capacity to cover other songs but in their own language. You'll find some on that Baistophe but many many more exist. If are well-behaved, maybe you'll get a surprise soon. ;-)

best album :

Dose (1998)
I think few people will disagree with me when I say that the best studio era for the Mule lasts until their 2003 Deepest End ablum. After that, the albums are not very worse but are less surprising when you know the band (excepted one album, see third column). In my opinion, Mule's best is Dose simply because it has got lots and lots of great tunes so that, compared with other albums, I had too much songs from it on my first choice list for this Baistophe.

The album that will make you admire them :

Live, With The Little Help From Our Friends (1999)
Recorded during a New Year's Eve show, in the same tradition of the Grateful Dead, this live album (4CDs !) will outblow you by the quality of the songs, the performance and covers chosen (Jimi Hendrix, Free, Neil Young, Frank Zappa, ...) If you don't like this show, no doubt you're not ready to assist any of the Mules'

The worst album

Mighty High (2006)
When I tolf on the first column that Gov't Mule did not really surprise anymore in the second part of theur carreer, I remembered that there was an album that contradicted this. With Mighty High, Gov't Mule went another way and made a reggae oriented album. That's not that I dislike reggae (even if ...) but this album is pretty boring. Gov't Mule has not really assimilated the reggae spirit. The only song I kept was the first one and is the only one that is not a reggae song. If you want a reggae album, try a real jamaican band first.

The best live album :

Live At Roseland Ballroom (1996)
That's not because it is their first live album that this is my favourite one. My choice was for this one because I found that the performance was more instinctive, more aventurous, more psychedelic maybe... The album opens with Trane which is a masterpiece and includes in this version, winks to bands like Jimi Hendrix Experience, Mahavishnu Orchestra, Grateful Dead... The album is short compared with its followers but is much more dense. I think it is the best way to blow your mind

wait if it's temporarily unavailable


Anonymous said...

synchronicity... was thinking about Gov't Mule selections for this today. Will be interesting to see how many of my choices are on this. great job, as ever....

Anonymous said...

How come it's 408a? What will 408b be and when will it be posted?

ॐ JTH ॐ said...

Thank you for this one - and for all the hard work you do. AWESOME! I see an "a" after the number... Does this mean there might possibly be a "b"?


Anonymous said...

Set The Controls For The Heart Of The Sun, reveals Blue Floyd in itunes. Is it is or is it ain't??? davek

shadreck said...

Great. Thank you for an overview of one of my favourite bands.

Rainbow Demon said...

Love You Guys. Keep up the excellent work.


[GEMY] said...

Many questions about the "a" in 408a. Wait only 1 or 2 days, and you'll see ;-)

@ Anonymous : Blue Floyd reveals to be in fact a band including the Gov't Mule members on a 2005 tour. They played their whole set with Pink Floyd tunes.

Raven176 said...

Nice work!