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Friday, January 28, 2011



Sorry, I'm late. A little problem while uploding this file. Finally I made it!
I hope this wait was worth today's post. Present is like a twin brother of Daniel Denis' Univers Zero. Founded by ex UZ member Roger Trigaux, Present's life was a bit chaotic... After only two albums, the band had seemed to be vanishing but in 1993, Trigaux and his son, Reginald, reformed Present with an album, C.O.D. Performance, which is more a "Trigaux & son" one than a true Present one.
Present identity differs from Univers Zero one by a more agressive sound, more percussive and much darker. Their music can be considered as a missing link between Univers Zero and Magma. That's why some people like much Present to the other two bands : it's a more arty Magma or a much stronger Univers Zero.
Back in 2009, Trigaux and his band were joined by Daniel Denis' band for a memorable union gig. This kind of reunion was a major event in Avant-Garde music.
This year the fusion of the 2 bands is replanned with the adjunction of a third avant-garde band : Aranis.
I hope this (and UZ's) Baistophe will convince you to be the witness of this great union !

wait if it's temporary unavailable

1 comment:

Mister Moods said...

Je suis toujours un peu triste quand un baistophe n'a aucun commentaire et comme - en plus ! - Present est un chouette groupe avec une vraie identité et ambition artistique, je me permets de remercier l'auteur de cette sélection.
Bel artwork aussi.