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Friday, February 4, 2011



Here's The Little Surprise. At the beginning there was PAPS (formerly HotBear) who was thinking of making with me a great Mule compilation. I would have done the studio recording, with only self composed songs and a live one with only cover versions. Things went differently : When I finally began my Gov't Mule compilation, I've had no new from him for a long time a then decided to only make a single compilation with both studio and live recordings and also with covers. The result was ABO#408a.
Then, a few weeks ago, I recived a mail by PAPS who sent his BAISTOPHE. I couldn't refuse his hard work. The only solution was to rework my BAISTOPHE. But, finally, as no songs were on both two compilations, I finally decided two post both as is.
This one is PAPS' one and you'll have the chance to listen the Mule as if it were a complete two hours and a half live show with only cover songs.

wait if it's temporarily unavailable


Anonymous said...

Thanks for this two marvelous best of Gov't Mule.
One of the greatest blues rock band.
Good job.
God bless you, brother !

Anonymous said...

An inspired tracklisting, I look forward to blasting this ..

in fact you've inspired me to think about a Baistophe of my own... but who to choose???
Ah Climax Blues Band anyone?

Anonymous said...

Climax Blues Band ? Good Idea, I planned this for months but haven't felt to do this yet. Your BAISTOPHE will be welcome.

ॐ JTH ॐ said...

CBB would be most welcome... but maybe a GM c...? You guys rock. Seriously.


Anonymous said...

GMC ? sure !


ॐ JTH ॐ said...

LOL!!! I should have written 408c. Seriously tho... Climax Blues rocks. If you need any help with tracks, I have a few...


Rainbow Demon said...

Thanx for part two. Y'all are right on.

Sensational Alex Harvey Band might be another fun one to do...

Purpleblues said...

Right.. nuff said, best I start working on that CBB tracklisting,
They played Reading Rock festival and were stunning, have the FM transmission of that as well as a load of radio stuff, so could be a 2 CD set.. live and studio ?

Anonymous said...

with 15+ official albums, a 2CD set is the right choice.

shadreck said...

Working my way through both 408 a and b.

Many thanks

Lodger said...

As superb as unexpected !
Thanks a lot !!

Raven176 said...

Love me some Mule!
Always look forward to hearing
a new cover song.


Raven176 said...

Love hearing Mule cover songs.
Thank you!