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Thursday, February 24, 2011



What is commercial music? Is it still art when it's meant to be sold on huge scales? That question has been a debate among art (and music) lovers since...Forever!
Shame is, some bands with real tallent, such as Survivor, have been mocked because of their radio-friendly vision of (hard) rock. Still, the riffs are good, the melodies hook you on. Surely, bad music (art) cannot do this. Or can it?...
Anyway, here's an 18 tracks selection of a band primarly know for his participation in two "Rocky" pictures with "Eye of the Tiger" and "Burning Heart". Those were good songs and have been included here along with songs from each of their 8 studio albums.
Be curious, give Survivor a try. You might end up surprised by how good this music is.

Styx, Boston, Journey, Foreigner, Honeymoon Suite


Purpleblues said...

too hot to sleep was a real eye opener for me, I loved the title track.... guess I'll just have to explore this and report back from the outer branches :)

Jebediah 3ef said...

Too Hot to Sleep is a mighty fine album and probably the heaviest thing Survivor ever released.
I've got to admit I have a soft spot for their early material (first two albums) which is not as radio-friendly as the stuff they released after.
Anyway, there quite a handfull of great tunes to be found on (almost) every Survivor album.

Eye of Newt said...

Is anyone else having difficulty extracting track 16 with the usual password? All the rest work...

Anonymous said...

It worked for me.

Thanks! Great comp'! (+)

Anonymous said...

All I really knew of Survivor was "Eye of the Tiger" so getting this comp expanded my knowledge and interest in the band. Thank you very much, great job.