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Sunday, May 9, 2010


... WAS A FRIEND ...

Bumcello is a duet. Bum is on the percussions and Cello ... on the cello. Their music could have sounded like jazz but they decided something different. They often have been playing with other bands or artists like Les Fabulous Troubadours (whose "duo" can be heard on their BAISTOPHE ABO#279), with Taraf de Haidouk (idem on their BAISTOPHE ABO#091) or even Mathieu Chedid. That brings some kind of sound that can be assimilated like a remix where it isn't.
Live, Bumcello become an improvisationing band and their songs can last more than 10 minutes. In the contrary, in the studio, the songs are more constructed and are very short. Bumcello can explore so many musical identity with their only two instruments (+ guest musicians or electronic equipments).
This collection is a bit focused on their experimental works where you can also find some pop, soul, rnb, trip hop, dub songs in it. But I think this experimental work is what is more interesting in that band.

My Bumcello TOP :
1. Nude For Love (2002)
2. Get Me (2003)
3. Bumcello (1999)
4. Lychee Queen (2008)
5. Animal Sophistiqué (2005)
6. Booty Time (2001)

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