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Tuesday, May 11, 2010



It might seem very strange to do a sun-themed compilation that is anything but sunny… I see it as an opportunity to explore new artists, new sounds. Most of the songs featured here are from fairly new albums (2001 to today) with the notable exception of Raw Material (1971) and Monster Magnet (1993). The genres featured here range from indie rock to modern classical, from electronic to progressive rock, from metal to world music…and more! Assembling all this together is a great part of the fun of doing it, I hope it’ll also be a great part of the fun of listening to it. Anyway, here it is, a little sun to disturb the neighbors. Enjoy.


Anonymous said...

Good choice... maybe the original Nick Drake take of Things behind the Sun would be a better fit though MV have been working out a nice rendition. One more opportunity for improvement, even if "sun" ain't in the title, would've been opening with the Husker Du overwhelming New Day Rising anthem song! Nice effort, anyway & thx. Franco

S.F.P. said...

Since the Nick Drake version has already been included in his "baistophe" I thought it would be nice to have this TMV version which is pretty good too. Of course, it's not as good as Nick Drake's but still a very nice cover version.

Your idea to include Hüsker Dü's NDR is nice indeed but, as you pointed out, the word "Sun" wasn't included in the title... ;)

KeeWee said...

Please re-up .. cheers mate