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Friday, May 21, 2010



Surprisingly, Claude Nougaro has always kept a quite background seat in the french chanson history. He is though one of its very best singer and auteur. Popularised for having added words on familiar Jazz classics, he however has always loved the work on the word. Nougaro was THE french poet of chanson. And when I say poet, I shall put it also in big letters. The lyrics are so clever and the work done on the musicality of his centenses are something no one made better before and after. His long carreer deserved (at least) a double set and I'm proud that Claude now belongs to Baistophe's long list. Thanks to DIOD for this great selection of non-hits.


kingpossum said...

Thank you Ayah for the post and to all at Baistophe for the various chanson talents that have been posted here.

Here in the states I've not been exposed to these artists and it's wonderful to be introduced to them and to seek out their recordings as a result.

Any music is new if you've never heard it before, no matter when it was recorded. So much to explore and this is just one more example. Thanks so much.

Hubba Zoot said...

There's loads great of Norwegian artists that you'll never know of simply because they sing in Norwegian. I suppose this is the same also in Belgium, Nigeria and in Chile. But, only the French seem to be interested in pushing these kind of artists on the rest of the world.
Chanson lamour rataratara...

Anonymous said...

We do what we know and we do what we like. What's wrong with making lots of french singers when you were born in France? If you look carefully, we don't exclude any countries. I've made baistophes from Germany, Italy, Finland, and some friends have made artists from Brasil, Japan, ...

As we stated on the top right of our present blog, we always welcome any contribution of any kind, be it Norwegian, Papoose or Mongolian (I'm pointing to do Yat-Kah). I'm also planning somme Hungarian bands (Omega), Polish (SBB) or Nigerian (Fela Kuti).

One other reason you find lots of french artists here is that there's demand for it.

Now, if you're unhappy with french singers, you just have to wait 2 days longer for another non-french artist. We don't really think there are too many...

Last, If you find any "Chanson d'Amour" in Claude Nougaro discography, I accept anything from you, even an artist I absolutely never heard about. That won't be the first time I do it.

Anonymous said...

Last, last, Kingpossum doesn't seem to be french at all, and as he said, he really thanks us for this Baistophe.

Many mail we recieve are also grateful for our french posts.

Rochacrimson said...

Good idea Ayah!
SBB (Polish),Omega(Hungarian),Locomotiv GT,Wigwam,Focus,Amon Duul II and other bands from other countries...very interesting!