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Tuesday, May 25, 2010

XII (VAC#046)


It's been an evidence for us who like to make thematic Baistophes (numbered VAC as Various Artists Compilations) to make a special VAC dealing with the 12 zodiac signs. It could have been also easy to compile if I didn't struggled for strict titles who only ARE those signs, banning whatever include those in a complete centense.
You know what? It also would have been very easy if each and every sign would have been well represented. For instance, Cancer has got very few song represented. For many others it has been a reel drama to chose one version and not the other. Finally, the song I kept are those you see here and you will be able to listen to. I tried not to make too agressive transition AND keeping the good order of your horoscope...

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julien said...

super idée
mille signes