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Friday, July 31, 2009

TOAD (ABO#247)


I always remember that rockumentary about Yes where Chris Squire talks about Patrick Moraz recruitment. he says "He's a Swiss musician. How many swiss group are famous? not too many." Maybe didn't he think of Toad.
Toad was a Hard rock band who only became famous for one album : Toad (1972). That's indeed right that this is their really best one. With only 3 albums in the 70s, it should have been unfair to baistophe them while so many hugely discographed band still mis here. It was without counting with a 1995 come back CD and two unreleased 70s albums, everything turns to be much more understandable. So, if you missed that band, that's the good reason for a remedial lesson.

My Toad TOP :
1- TOAD (1972)
2- B.U.F.O. (1970/2003)
3- Tommorrow Blue (1973)
4- Dreams (1974)
5- Hate To Hate (1995)

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