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Friday, July 24, 2009



I won't be long by talking about Ben Harper because mostly everyone knows him, and that's a good thing. Just that, like anyone else, some of his songs are real masterpieces and are not very well known. Of course, Ground On Down (available live here) is one of his most popular songs and one of his best but other great tunes like The Power Of Gospel (really touching) and God Fearing Man (really outblowing!) are what he made the best. So it's one more reason to take an ear back to his whole carreer. You'll have understood : My favourite BH album is Fight For Your Mind, by far...

My Ben Harper TOP3 :
1- Fight For Your Mind (1995)
2- Burn To Shine (1999)
3- Welcome To The Cruel World (1993)

My Ben Harper BOTTOM3 :
1- There Will Be A LIght (w/ The Blind Boys Of Alabama) (2004)
2- Lifeline (2007)
3- Diamonds On The Inside (2003)


Anonymous said...

y a bon
le dernier opus avec relentless7 me plait beaucoup aussi


Ayah Gagöhn said...

Oui, il faut croire qu'il fallait qu'il renouvelle son personnel.

Anonymous said...

n' enlevons pas la virtuosite du Juan Nelson à la basse
tout simplement prodigieux


jjazz said...

hey, i appreciate your comments, because i listened to some of his songs, and i really enjoyed his music.
i liked his direct lyrics, like saying what's need to be said and just being straight-to-the-point.
BUT, the albums i had were lifeline and diamonds on the inside and when i heard them, i was like, sh*t, i expected much more of him, so readig your review has encouraged me to listen some of his other records!
thank you! greetings from abya-yala!

Ayah Gagöhn said...

I just can advise you to listen his very last album. You won't be disappointed

Eye of Newt said...

I didn't know Ben Harper before listening to this. This is so good I'm going to need to pick up his albums. Thanks for the introduction.