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Saturday, July 18, 2009

KYUSS (ABO #242)


A cult favorite if there ever was one, Kyuss is also a very important band that influenced the whole stoner scene. Yet, they were in a league of their own. This band smells of dust and gasoline, never compromised yet established themselves as a driving force in this new scene we now call stoner rock. Certainly, the influence of bands such as Black Sabbath or Blue Cheer can be noticed in their music but they infused their sound with a unique blend of heavy psychedelia that made the difference. Sadly, they never got the success they deserved but their following projects (Fu Manchu, Unida and, even more, Eagles of Death Metal & Queens of the Stone Age) managed to secure an audience that always failed to confirm Kyuss success.
For the few of you who haven't yet had a taste of this amazing band, here's the chance to embark on a one hour ride...through the desert.

1 - Welcome to Sky Valley (1994)
2 - Blues for the Red Sun (1992)
3 - ...And the Circus Leaves Town (1995)
4. Wretch (1991)
5. Sons of Kyuss (1990)

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Anonymous said...

Just found your blog, it's really great! And your artwork is damn well done - I especially love this one for Kyuss. Ace!! Thanks for all your efforts and keep it on, dR